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Gambino and Colombo Families

The 1972 New York City

Serial Mafia Murders

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Gambino soldier Bruno Carnevale’s murder was among the gangland killings that quickly followed mobster Joseph Joey Gallo’s (1929-1972) April 7, 1972 murder. Known as Crazy Joe, Joey and his brothers became enforcers in the Giuseppe Joseph Joe Profaci (1897-1962) family. This criminal organization later evolved into the Colombo crime family.

Gallo was murdered on a Friday as he was celebrating his 43rd birthday with his family and friends in an Italian restaurant. Gallo’s sister Carmella Forella screamed while her brother was slain, The streets are going to run red with blood, Joey. Gallo was joined at the celebration by his new bride. He had married her only three weeks earlier. A ten-year-old stepdaughter and others were also in attendance.

Joey Gallo’s quest for power in the aftermath of Joe Profaci’s death touched off a gang war beginning in the early 1960s. A dozen persons died in the internecine struggle that followed. Eventually the war was won by Joseph Anthony Joe Colombo (1923-1978).

Bruno Carnavale (1942-1972) was murdered by a shotgun blast that killed him near his home in Queens Village. $1,400 was found in his pocket at the time of his death. On Sunday, April 9th more than 100 mourners joined Gallo family members at a Brooklyn funeral home. Mrs. Albert Gallo sobbed, My Joey, my Joey, as she was escorted in the dim, flower-draped room where the family viewed her

After she fainted only minutes later Mrs. Gallo was taken to a basement room. Screams for blood were heard inside the funeral parlor. Mrs. Gallo was consoled by Albert Kid Blast Gallo Jr. (born 1930), her only surviving son. Joey Gallo’s brother, Lawrence Larry Gallo (1927-1968), had died of cancer.

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