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GOD...Chairman of the Board of the World


Raymond Dierker


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The lost souls float for

Eternity in the Darkness”

Since they never saw:

The Light

Chapter One

Little Green Ribbons

Methodist Hospital

Psychiatric Unit 2C

Methodist Hospital

Indianapolis, Indiana

September, 1981

Mrs. Murrell is working the front desk.

I often forget where I am.

She always greets me with a respectful:

“Mr. Dierker.”

This always brings me back to reality:


Mrs. Murrell is an African American.

Most of the healthcare professionals on the unit are African American.

They all wear little green ribbons on their lapels.

Twenty eight African American children have been murdered.

All the victims were on the streets of Atlanta.

They were all adolescents and young adults.

The quest to find the real killer may have ended six weeks ago.

When I ask Mrs. Murrell:

“Why are you wearing the little green ribbon?”

She tears up and says...

“They are killing our babies!”

When I look into her eyes...

I feel like I am looking into her soul.

I have not seen any white people with little green ribbons.

The Atlanta Child Murders had created a great deal of

“Racial tension”.

The African Americans were all in agreement.

A white person was responsible.

They were wrong.

The Atlanta police suspected a black serial killer.

The suspect, Walter Williams was an entertainment promoter.

He had been arrested on June 21.

He had been a “person of interest” since May.

A police surveillance team had been watching a bridge.

It spanned the Chattahoochee River.

Several victims' bodies had been discovered there.

They heard a "big loud splash.”

Walt Williams was driving the first automobile to exit the bridge after the splash.

A nude body was discovered in the river.

It was 27-year-old Nathaniel Cater.

He had been missing for three days.

The coroner ruled he had most likely died of asphyxia.

He could not determine if he had been strangled.

Police speculated that Williams had killed Cater.

His body was the source of the "loud splash" they heard.

Williams subsequently failed three lie detector tests.

Hairs and fibers retrieved from another victim's body were found.

They were consistent with those from Williams’ home, car, and dog.

Around the time of the murders coworkers had seen:

“Scratches on Williams’ face and arms.”

The victims had fought back and lost.

Williams is only charged with two of the twenty eight murders.

The African Americans on the unit feel it is a set up.

The white Atlanta police are covering up for:

“The Ku Klux Klan.”

There are about twenty places to sit.

Old magazines are scattered all over the unit.

Most are: Time, Newsweek, and U. S. News and World Report.

I pick up a Time magazine from May.

ADP is paying a fortune for this place

You should be able to get reading material that is not:

“Four Months Old.”

Mehmet Ali Agca was a trained sniper from Turkey

He had shot Pope John Paul Il on May 13.

Fortunately, he survives.

But, Saint Peters Square will never the same.

The Pope can no longer mingle with the crowds.

He will now have to ride in a glass enclosed Popemobile.

I wonder:

“Is there is any connection to the Communists?”

There is speculation:

They are retaliating at Pope John Paul!

He is involved with the Polish Solidarity Movement.

They do not like it.

The Polish strike had been very effective.

The little green ribbons have not been.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see a teenage boy.

Patrick is on his way.

He will be a nuisance as always.

He will ask me what I am reading.

It will be his first of many non stop questions.

I tell him that I am reading about:


On the psych unit articles on assassinations are:

Escape Literature”

I take the offensive.

I inform Patrick that:

“Ronald Reagan is now senile.”

He was shot last spring.

Nancy Reagan is secretly acting as President.

She now carries a little black box in her purse.

It is used to launch a nuclear attack.

She often reaches into her purse in a hurry for her lipstick.

She can start World War III by mistake.

His jaw drops.

He races over to be comforted by Mrs. Murrell.

She gets paid to put up with him.

I do not.

There are a few more minutes of precious silence.

Mandy, a young girl arrives.

We have a lot of fun together.

I have to be in a manic high to do so.

Her mind is devastated by her addiction to crack cocaine.

Her mind races, but I can keep up with her.

But only when I am in a manic high.

She talks real fast.

I am in a manic low period today,

I cannot keep up with her.

She gets bored and leaves.

We have a blast when I am in an elevated mood.

I may be getting a visit from my psychiatrist this afternoon.

I wonder which one will show up

I am really screwed up.

I have two of them.

Dr Louis Nie is the foremost psychiatrist in Indianapolis.

Larry Albice, my ADP Division President keeps reassuring me of this.

Dr. Nie has a partner, Dr John Greist.

They are both trying to get me back to normal.

So far it does not appear to be working.

All the patients in the unit like to sit around.

They like to talk about how much they hate their doctors.

I have twice as much to talk about.

I hear a commotion.

Ruth, the Grand Dame of the Unit has appeared.

This is the best thing that has happened to me all day.

It means that none of the doctors are coming

It is almost meal time.

It is institutional food.

After dinner, Freida Fox will visit.

She is the controller from my ADP center.

She is now the “acting” General Manager.

The “real” General Manager has a white band on his left wrist.

My boss, Larry Albice may be with her.

If it is not Larry, then my girlfriend Shirlee will be with her.

I hope it is Shirlee.

I have worked for Larry for two years.

He salvaged my career.

He gave me a chance when he hired me.

I had been replaced as the VP of the Kansas City region.

I started working for Larry.

He took me to dinner at the Maisonette in Cincinnati.

It was the most highly rated restaurant in America.

Larry was a visionary.

He took me to the window

It overlooked downtown Cincinnati.

He told me I would do a great job.

Then, he would be promoted to President of ADP.

The headquarters of ADP would be moved from New Jersey.

He has found just the right spot in downtown Cincinnati.

He pointed out the location of the new headquarters!

My Division President in Kansas City had also had high ambitions.

He wanted to be promoted to President of ADP National Accounts.

He would achieve it because of my efforts with H & R Block.

It was ADPs first National Account.

Everyone in ADP has high expectations.

Sometimes they do not achieve their expectations.

It is always my fault...

If they don’t.

Larry will try to convince me.

It is actually good for my development to be here.

He has found a Toastmasters group

It meets upstairs.

I am the Vice President and General Manager of ADP in Indianapolis.

I am responsible for one hundred associates.

My region was originally a startup operation.

It has grown to one thousand payrolls.

We have about one hundred accounting clients.

I have a monthly revenue budget of one million dollars.

Freida is restricted from talking about our business per doctor’s orders.

Our employee of the month several months ago was John Foster

He is dying of AIDS.

We can talk about him.

We talk about the other associates in the region.

Shirlee loves me for my sense of humor.

I will tell her I am crazy about her.

She will grimace.

I guess I am not as funny as I used to be.f

Chapter Two

Heiress of Eli Lilly

I feel closer to Ruth than any of the other patients.

I call her the Grand Dame of the Unit.

She is said to be the Heiress of the Eli Lilly fortune.

Ruth is immaculately dressed and very cultured.

She probably has been to a finishing school somewhere.

She is very friendly and outgoing.

She has a contagious smile.

She is about thirty years older than I am.

She seems to use way too much make up and rouge.

She uses an unbelievable amount of lipstick.

I dont know much more about her.

I dont make it a habit of checking out...

Older women”

Not if they are sixty five years old.

I dont know where she hangs out on the unit.

Maybe she sleeps all day.

She is always restless.

She makes a daily grand entrance for about an hour.

The whispers start when she makes her entrance.

Everyone says she is a multi-millionaire.

She is the last surviving great granddaughter of Eli Lilly.

She is the sole heiress to the Lilly Pharmaceutical fortune.

She lives in a mansion on Kessler.

She has fifty servants.

I hope she likes the food here.

If she does not, she will not be able to fire anyone.

I can relate to Ruth.

I am a Vice President and General Manager.

She is...

The Heiress of Eli Lilly.

We are the only normal people here.

Everybody else here is really...

Messed up.

Chapter Three

Dead or Deceased

The Next Day

My Room

I am startled as someone grabs my right arm.

They stick a needle in it,

I look over at the clock.

It is 5 AM!

This is really:

Bad News!

It means that I will be seeing Dr. Louis Nie today.

Dr. Nie’s diagnosis is that I am manic depressive.

Dr. John Greist’s diagnosis is that I have bipolar disorder.

It is like the difference between being dead and deceased.

It does not make any difference when they...

Stick a needle in your arm.

They will test my blood to determine my lithium level.

Dr. Nie is trying to get it into a therapeutic level of 1.1 to 1.5.

He is about sixty-five.

He has a flat top, a rosy complexion and a very brisk manner.

He marches into the unit.

He struts around like a rooster on steroids.

Dr. Greist seems to be about ten years older.

He moves around real slow.

I wonder if these are really the foremost psychiatrists in Indianapolis.

Maybe they were the lowest bidders for my psychiatric services.

ADP always loves the lowest bidder.

Dr. Nie wears glasses.

He writes everything down.

It is in very small print in a little notebook.

I dont think he can read his own handwriting.

He asks me how long I have been with ADT.

This is usually the start of every conversation starts.

I remind him that it is ADP...the payroll company.

It is not ADT...the security company.

He asks me:

Tell me about Frank Lautenberg...

I reply:

Frank is the Chairman of the Board of ADP.

He is the son of Polish and Russian immigrants.

His mother and father came to the United States through Ellis Island.

He founded ADP, with Henry Taub, a 21 year old accountant.

He is the one who had the vision at ADP.

Under his leadership ADP started as a small bookkeeping firm.

Today, it is the largest computing services company in the world.

He has achieved the:

American Dream.”

Dr. Nie has a pensive look on his face.

He contemplates what I have told him.

He pauses.

Then he decides to go right for the:

“Jugular Vein”

Why do you hate Frank Lautenberg?

I reply that:

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