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Philip Litte Farvel Cohen

Brooklyn Mobster

Murdered in Valley Stream, New York

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In mid September 1949 New York State Police were searching for clues to the slayers of mobster Philip Little Farvel Cohen, 42. Around 10:45 p.m. on September 15 Valley Stream resident Ernest Koch (1895-1982) found the body lying across the curbing on the Southern State Parkway. Thinking the man was dead the passerby had returned once more several minutes later. The corpse was situated on an access drive leading away from the parkway.

Six shots had been fired into Cohen, three in his back and three in his head. Little Farvel was the third victim of a gangland ride murder in the previous six weeks. He was the former right hand man of Louis Lepke Buchalter (1897-1944), head of Murder Inc. Authorities believed the slaying was a ride murder like many others performed by Murder Inc.

Cohen’s last official address was 3602 Avenue J in Brooklyn. His mother and father lived at 1022 East 32nd Street in Brooklyn. The home had seven rooms and was expensively decorated. The gangster had purchased it for his parents about eight months earlier. It was around the time he was released from prison. In 1933 Cohen was booked for an offense under the alias Jack Kofsky.

It was late on Thursday, September 15, that Little Farvel was thrown from a car onto a parkway access road, or exit drive. He was dressed in a neatly pressed suit. Two state troopers teamed with detectives to try and solve the case.

They combed Brooklyn and lower Manhattan seeking persons whose names and addresses were discovered on multiple slips of paper in Cohen’s pockets. Aside from $100 found in Philip Cohen’s pockets the gangster also kept an intriguing little red book. It was filled with cryptic notations. Police believed the curious writing was a personal code used by the Brooklyn thug to track his business dealings.

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