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Thank you for my friend for making this story happen since this is all about her life.

Do you wanna hear a story? Well, of course you do, everyone loves stories. Especially mine. Mine, of course, is a little bit interesting since the story is based on my life. Yeah, yeah, you might think how boring someone's life is, but oh no, not mine. My life is honestly like a rollercoaster that never goddamn stops. My life is so weird that it feels like God just wanted me to have some weird, funny life that will never stop until I guess the day I die. Yeah, well, I guess I can't do anything about that huh? Anyway, back to the story. Do you wanna hear it or not? Well, of course, you're gonna have to, since I'm already gonna tell you about it and there's no stopping me. Oh, by the way, my name is--

"Don't tell your name! Make it dramatic. You know, like a movie." Ana says, which makes me jump.

"Ugh. Fine. Is that what you want?" She nods rapidly as I flop on my bed and sigh.

"Fine. I guess my name won't be in this book, which makes no sense since it's about my life!" I groan and look straight up at the ceiling.

"Well since I am listening, I like things to be a little bit more dramatic." I turn my head and look at Ana, who is on the floor and looking through my yearbooks.

"Fine, you lunatic. Now, as I was saying..." I look at Ana to see if she's paying attention and of course she's not.

"Ana!" I shout and she jumps as she throws my yearbooks at my face. I swear under my breath as I pick up the yearbook and throw it across the room. Sheesh, this girl.

"What? I'm listening don't worry." She says as she puts the yearbooks back into the drawer and closes it as she grabs a pillow from my chair and holds it like it some doll.

"Are you ready or what?" She nods and I roll my eyes. I rub my hands together and I close my eyes as I begin to start the story. Get ready guys, because this is a good one.

Chapter One

The beginning of “her”

Light. The way this little baby girl opens her eyes knows that she is born. Her mother is in pain still since of course, she was 2 weeks late. Someone who is giving birth to a baby who is 2 weeks older than it should be deserves at least a medal. She was born on May 19th, 2002, but she was supposed to be born on May 5th, but of course, she was 2 weeks late! She was also born the night before her mother's surgery but God thought it was finally time for her to ‘pop’ out and boom! Here she is. Born in Romania, she stands here today as the "baby" who is goddamn 2 weeks late.

"Wait. You were 2 weeks late? Dang..." My head jerks to the right as Ana, of course, had to stop me in the middle of my beautiful life story.

"Ana! Seriously?" She shrugs and I sigh. I nod and wait for her to be quiet so I can continue to continue telling the story.

 "Ok, now you can continue. Beautiful beginning by the way." I groan and lean back on my pillow and start the story.

Anyway... She was a beautiful baby girl as she had brown hair and grey eyes. You can tell by just her appearance she was gonna be something amazing in the future. All we had to do was wait and see for ourselves.

Now, moving all the way until she was maybe two years old? Yeah, that seems right. As she lived in Romania, she had lots of pets. She was born with a lot of animals in the house which is such a thrilling life since she never got bored. She was an only kid of course since there's no need for another child since she was an already awesome kid. Yeah, I know, this book is already getting extra already. Oh well, no turning back. She loved her life until she had to move to Canada. She moved to Canada at the age of five which is stupid because why would anyone want to move to another country? Not her. She did go to kindergarten in Romania for only a year which did nothing. She hated learning English and had to live with her father's parents which of course this story is getting so boring I'm about to fall asleep.

"Ow!" I yell as I jerk up and stare at Ana.

"Well sorry but you fell asleep. I guess your life is so boring that you honestly fell asleep huh?" I growl at her and throw the book back at her. I honestly feel like she dented my forehead by throwing the book at me, but I'm too lazy to even check.

"Well sorry. I'll continue. Blah blah... Oh! Got it! Then..." As she lived in Canada she began to have a hate for fireworks. Yeah, some kid huh? For some reason, she hated fireworks but of course, continued her life with the hatred for fireworks. Ok, this stuff honestly doesn't matter but I'm living with it. I am "her" of course. Anyway... she was a very loud child as she grew up and would never sleep. No nap time equals to no sleep time! Like such a weird girl... Her whole family loved her so much and since she was an only child she got even more love since she had no siblings!

In her whole life, she went to six schools which were a pain in the ass but she lived through it. As her life moved on, she got bullied a lot at her third school which of course her life had to include a bully since that's what life is. Full of shit! She got choked by some crazy ass girl but on the bright side, God blessed her with a girl who actually wanted to be her friend! Crazy, right? She got a friend and bully by both her sides and only had to pick one that could be in her life. She, of course, was smart and picked her friend and went on with her life.

She also learned how to swim by the age of nine because she, of course, didn't want to drown if she was in a pool and didn't know how to swim! Swimming did her well and by just ten years old, she went onto competitive swimming.

As her life was finally doing good, that stupid rollercoaster went down and that's when her life went down to a pile of shit. She was going to a swim meet and that's when she saw her bully from her school. There was a race that day and so, of course, God thought it would be a good idea for both of them to race together and that's what they did. Thinking that there was no way that bully was gonna win and make her feel like some loser, she made a tiny little prayer and swam her hardest as she raced that bully.

"Now let's see, who do you think won?" I say and Ana, of course, is gonna say me because why would I be telling this story in the first place?

 "Uh... your bully?" I nod, then stop as I think about what she just said.

"What! No! I won! Why on earth would my bully win? Do you really think that I was gonna even let her win?" Ana is biting her lip and I throw my pillow at her face. Score!

"Well, I just thought--" I scoff at her and stare at Ana.

"Well, you thought. Now, may I continue?" She nods and I continue the story.

"Now the person who won was..." Me! There was no way that her bully was gonna win and she knew that there was no way that God was gonna let that bully win also. She laughs at the other girl's face and cries as she runs to her mommy. "Score!" She runs to her family and they cheer as she just won the Oscars. Winning is honestly a piece of cake. For "her."

Chapter Two

The “problems”

"Hey, mom?" She says and her mother comes into her room in a hurry.

"What's wrong honey?" She grabs her shoulder and touches it. She winces as the pain burns through her fingers and throughout her entire life.

"My shoulder hurts. My shoulder can't hurt or else I can't swim mom!" She yells, feeling the tears coming in the corner of her eyes. She runs to her mother and she feels the arms of her mother wrapped around her like a bandage that will fix her right up. It never happens though. By the age of twelve, her life comes rolling back down into the pile of shit and she begins to think if God even loves her. She quits swimming by the age of twelve and begins to even wonder if her life will be like this. As some life that doesn't even want her to have anything happy in it. As she remembers her life before her shoulder hurting she remembers that her life was never at all a good time. At her fourth school, when she was just nine years old she got bullied again. Talk about luck. By some idiotic girl "I still hate her by the way" and a boy named Christopher.

"Wait Christopher bullied you?" I turn to Ana and give her an evil look. She laughs and falls down on the floor and continues on laughing. Oh great, my friend is a total idiot. I throw my pillow at her and it hits her head with a loud thump. That'll do.

"Do you want me to hit you with a brick then?" Ana stops laughing and throws me back the pillow at my face. I catch it before it hits me and hold it close to my chest.

 "Well I'm sorry but aren't you and Christopher --" I cut her off by giving her a stare that means "I will kill you if you don't shut up" and luckily it works. Ana leans back onto the wall and I lean back as well.

"Go on." She says and I smile and continue on with the story.

"Oh yeah... Where were we... " As she walked to school Christopher would always bully her anytime and anywhere which of course got on her nerves. Now being bullied by a girl was honestly fine, but being bullied by a guy meant war. She was tired of getting pushed around by people that didn't even care about her. This made her realize something. She had to change and become the girl that she had to be. A bitch. School went on and just when the roller coaster went up, it fell back down into the pile of shit.

"Do you have to say, "pile of shit?" It's so disgusting." I groan and roll my eyes as I turn to look at Ana.

"Well do you have any ideas then?" Ana looks up at the ceiling and puts on her "thinking face" which is completely stupid. I wait for about a whole minute and I'm about to say something until Ana stops me with an idea. Oh boy...

"Just say into a pile of lava." I give her a confusing look and I literally don't know what to say. Into a pile of lava? Okay...

"Uh.... sure?" Ana smiles and I just go with this weird sentence and move on. I feel like "shit" is a better word to use but if this is not what she likes, then so be it. I crack my knuckles and lean back into my pillows and continue on with the story.

"As I was saying...." As school went on, of course, life wanted to be horrible again and it kicked her in the ass. She got a cat in grade four but lost her dog in grade five. Wonderful, right? She did though get another cat in grade six and they're both still alive, which is awesome. Now back to the more important stuff in her life, let's go back to grade five. In grade five everything was perfect until her good for nothing teacher made her life turn into crap. Again. Her teacher made her and Christopher sit together for the whole year of grade five! Now, they hated each other a lot but there was nothing they can do except just ignore the fact they hate each other and they had to sit together for the entire fucking year and move on with life. Two years went by and she wanted to teach Christopher something that would actually help both of them in this shitty life. She taught him how to be actually nice to her. She taught him like he was some pup who didn't know any tricks and needed to be potty-trained or something. Their whole lives together were somewhat fine. Everyone thought that they were dating since they would always spend time together but of course, that was just a load of bullshit. By grade nine, they were both thinking about each other. About how life would be like if they were actually ‘together.’

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