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Frank Cammarata

Youngstown, Ohio and Detroit Mobster

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On December 4, 1958 the United States Senate Investigation Committee probing organized crime had an interesting question for the U.S. Treasury Department. It asked specifically why poker-faced, bushy browed Detroit, Michigan and Ohio hoodlum Frank A. Cammarata hadn’t been prosecuted as a tax evader.

Called before the Senate Rackets Committee Cammarata had expressly refused to answer questions. The Italian-born gangster had reneged, saying, I can’t speak very good English. It’s just an act your putting on, countered Senate Rackets Committee counsel Robert Francis Kennedy (1925-1968). The lawyer told the Commission that Cammarata had spoken very good English to him during an earlier interview. Continuously taking the Fifth Amendment the hoodlum declared that answering questions about his work with Detroit Teamsters and jukebox distributors might incriminate him. Cammarata had acted to enforce monopoly practices.

Pleading that his answers might incriminate him, he divulged only his name and Warren, Ohio address. Frank’s tax delinquencies reportedly dated from 1939 through 1950. The offense spanned several Democratic Presidential administrations. Youngstown Local 377 business agent Joseph T. Blumetti (1914-1981) also resorted to the Fifth Amendment when he was asked to testify.

From 1953 until late November 1958 Frank Cammarata was in a southern Michigan state prison serving time for armed robbery. At the time of his parole the once deported Mafioso was given the choice of leaving the U.S. once more or facing deportation.

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