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Audrey Hepburn Biography: The Charming Life of Audrey and How She Coped With Fame, Love Affairs and More?

Chris Dicker

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Table of Contents

Birth and Years in Belgium (1929-1935)

Childhood Years During the War (1935-1945)

England – The Ballet Career (1945-1950)

Film Career in Roman Holiday (1951)

Engagement with James Hanson

Marriage to Mel Ferrer (1954)

Sabrina and the Collaboration with Givenchy (1954)

Love in the Afternoon and Funny Face (1957)

Audrey’s First Son (1960)

Lead on the Musical My Fair Lady (1963)

Divorce from Mel Ferrer and Marriage to Dr. Dotti (1968-1969)

The Birth of Her Second Son (1970)

Divorce with Dotti and the Relationship with Robert Wolders (1981)

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