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50 Shades of Brown

Many, too many months ago I became one of the first Rumerica citizens, and I got stuck in to it F. Unfortunately I am still playing this horrible game.

The game basically exists because of the community, memes like: Eris, moi and Jock and because of the exciting gameplay “kuch”.

This new book will be about my final days in the Democratic Party, and my defection to the GOP. I will also name the dumb, dumb idiots who did not recognize my talent and my skills. And these idiots (mostly chair wannabe’s, who licked the ass of FDR). I won’t name anyone, “Tom Jason”, AKA: Oats.

I also do give unwanted horrible advice, for example: I told Oats to use viagra to fuck his Thai fuck boy. (His penis is more tiny then the penis of thai boy). The Thai boy is now mentally sick and has just recovered, but will never forget the Oats – experience. Oats now has a residency show in Las Vegas where he fucks boys and Girls for 3 pennies per Hour.

Another advice: I once said to the Donald to spend more time with his children and see what you have got that 13 year little Slovenian bitch is doing quite well.


Chapter 1: Raymond and the Democratic Party and FDR (AKA: North-Korea and Kim Jung-Un)

Chapter 2: Raymond’s first, second and third presidential run

Chapter 3: Raymond’s primary election and defection to American Labor Party

Chapter 4:Whip appointment and final presidential election for the Democratic Party

Chapter 1: Raymond and the Democratic Party and FDR (AKA: North-Korea and Kim Jung-Un)

My relation with the Democratic Party has never, ever been easy to be honest with you people, who are reading this Nobel-Prize winning book. Actually you should feel honored to get the chance to read a masterpiece like this.

Anyway let’s get back to the subject, my troubled relationship with the leadership. Back in the 2nd version of this game I was a senator from Maryland, in the senate I wrote a lot of bills which cost me a lot of POWER (energy). At some point the dictator (FDR), banned me to Alaska. He taught he killed my career, but guess what: I survived. And I wanted to say this for a month of 6 I guess: “Fuck You FDR!”. At some point I also became a senator of MD I guess, did not follow the Whips advice because I could not care about what these boneheads wanted me to do. However FDR was pretty much on my side during this conflict, because the Whip (Douglas Self) asked for sanctions, but FDR totally ignored him…

During the version I also ran for president in multiple primary elections, I always lost the primaries by a landslide, but I didn’t not care and I still don’t care, because it was just for the meme (which is needed, this game would have been dead in 2 months if memes like me and Eris never existed). If you combine my power 1 runs (1st and best version of this game) and power 2 runs, I probably had a delegate or 50, out of 6 runs still the leadership was okay with it. Back then the leadership was way more cool with it, back then the leadership wasn’t full of goat–like people like: Jean (alcohol addict) Lannes. He is because you have to be one if you are able to say these dumb things, he says. A few of his finest quotes: “women can not into politics politics apparently”, “I hope you get brutally murdered by dwarfs”,wew that hurts you fat psycho kid. And last but not least “Choke on your dick”, ok will surely do fam….. I could write a full book about with his quotes, but that’s just too much fame for Lannes.

Chapter 2: Raymond’s first, second and third presidential run

Back in POWER 1, Raymond ran for president for the very first time. He only got to the primaries , at that time he wasn’t the best known person and didn’t have a lot support from other Democratic Party members. However he was a 2 term senator of Kansas and had at least some national influence. After he lost to primaries to the eventual winner: “HHH”. Who later managed to win another election. It was the first and only time in power 1, that Raymond ran for president.

In POWER 2, Raymond began his obsession with running for president. I first won the governor election of Maryland, thanks to my former Dutch friend: Jean Lannes. He decided to retire from the governorship, and became senator of Maryland. And got reelected 12 times, making him a 13 terms senator from Maryland.

Because of this Raymond got more and more national influence, and got bored in races for the state. So he decided to run for president, for the fun. His campaign(s), got very tiny support from the party. It mostly were people of Maryland, like: Fransisco Rivera and Peter F King. The other two seat holders from Maryland. The first campaign wasn’t a huge success only getting a 10/15 delegates.

It was reported, not confirmed by Rumcode that I got around 75% of the delegates from Maryland.

The second campaign of POWER 2 and the third in total had similar success. This time he got 17 delegates, but lost the nomination to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who later lost the election by a landslide to Heydrich.

Above: Raymond supporters in Maryland, they believed in Raymond’s ideas.

Raymond’s primary election and defection to American Labor Party

One of Raymond’s most controversial runs for president, was the one during the 8th Presidential election. He first got around 10 delegates, in the primaries of the Democratic Party . I was very likely to win, until the ultimate Loser of power History decided to join the primaries. A woman, witch, robot, hooker or miserable has-been whatever you want to call her: Sandy Weathers. Heydrich, the GOP candidate was very dominant in this period.

I taught I had a plan to help the Democrats win the presidential election. I decided to endorse the nominee Weathers. So I wanted to help her. The idea of the plan was to join a tiny third party named: “The American Labour Party”, otherwise known as the “ALP”. The party had like 0 members, so I became chair. With this party I wanted to run for president and because I was the only candidate or the ALP, I secured the nomination. But Rumcode left me and would not let me run for president. Because the maximum ID of the ALP was 30 something, and Rumcode doesn’t allow higher ID’s then 27. Nobody informed me about this, and I got banned from the Democratic Party discord, for the first time in my POWER career. It did hurt a little and nobody ever said that I shouldn’t do it. In PM’S Sandra Weathers even wished me luck at some point.

I got back to the Democrats, because I was kinda shocked by their reaction. It was Charlie Chan, who banned me from the discord. Charlie Chan is the president that nobody knows. He became president months after the ALP thing .

Even before I joined the ALP , the Democratic Party wanted to replace me. At that time I was a Senator of Delaware, and Chris Simmons, or whatever the name of the little bitch was wanted to take that seat so badly . And FDR and these other idiots were behind him, so the ALP-thing just became an excuse to replace me. Oats (another son of a bitch) loved it. Eventually he got deleted from POWER, which made me laugh.

: Oats, deserves a mention in the book. Just look at the eyes, horny as fuck and cold as New York snow. It is a fact that Sandy Weathers once did a brave attempt to give him a blowjob, however Oats was too fat and did not manage to find his 3 inch dick. This was the end of their relationship.

Whip appointment and final presidential election for the Democratic Party

I already was a whip before the ALP defection and was quite successful, passing voting rights within days with a minority in the senate. This is probably one of my proudest achievements in my career.

When I returned to the Democrats, they didn’t immediately give me my position back, they did some try outs but I eventually returned to the position. This was a fruitful period for the Democratic Party and for me. And I also won the senate race of Oregon, which was full of All Syndicalist Convention alts. They were all dead after Rumsod’s activity, Rumsod being active only happens once in a lifetime.

In the meantime I decided to run to run for president over and over again. Without winning, but it was for the meme I never got more then 20 delegates and for the fun. However the Democratic leadership also did not like my runs for president.

This became a major point when guys like: Oats and Millard Willens wanted me to stop running. My running mate for the election was Sir. Enzo Taylor, he also knew it was meme and we made a campaign poster together. The campaign got major endorsements, eventually also from the Progressive Caucus chairwoman Paula Reece, Adnaan and all her alts, but let’s call her Paula for now. She asked the caucus to endorse moi, for the meme and the leadership did not like the joke and put us in a “Chamber of Secrets”, which does exist, the leadership has always claimed it doesn’t. They demanded us to stop the campaign.

In this Chamber of Secrets, I got falsely accused of pushing Paula to endorse me by Matt Engarde a extreme FDR follower, maybe it’s an alt.

I first decided to retire from running from president what was a demand and if the leadership. But I later realized that I wanted to run for president and basically said to the leadership: “Go Fuck Yourself”.

That basically is it, my story. I will probably write a sequel .

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