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“A sometimes touching, ofttime funny, and completely unique collection of stories. These yarns are told with an original, American voice and perspective, and insert the reader into life on the farm, growing up in the Depression, what it meant to be homeside during WWII, and the lingering aftermath that war and ‘the war to end all wars’ had on men who served and their families. There is also an unforgettable, unabashed, red-eyed, manic look behind the (rusty) Iron Curtain of the 1970s. These stories will make you laugh, make you ponder, and maybe make you grateful. A must read for the Greatest Generation by one of its own. And a recommended read for its children who want to peek behind the curtain of their parents’ lives.”

K. C. Herbel

Author of the Jester King fantasy series

Faraway Times and Places is engaging and endearing. Genuine humor and love shout from the pages. An excellent short read!”

Christie Allison

Tax manager

“These historical stories will make you laugh, cry, and dream of faraway places. A must-read collection of short stories!”

Dixie Robichaud

Wife, mother, aunt, and grandmother

Times and Places

A Collection of Short Stories



Taos, New Mexico

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Art for “To Moscow with Carolene,” “I Liked Ike,” and “Rise, Table, Walk!” by Carolene Callahan Herbel

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To my husband, Carlton Herbel,

who changed my life and made a winner out of me





and to our children, Belinda and Kurt,

who gave me so much to write about





To Moscow with Carolene

I Liked Ike

Adventures of a Chocoholic

Rise, Table, Walk!

Freedom Isn’t Free

Life on the Farm

You Know You Are a Senior Citizen When...

To Moscow with Carolene

My husband Carlton and I were taking our evening stroll in front of our adobe house in Las Cruces, New Mexico. The local Organ Mountains had turned magenta, the color spreading arms into the sky above as a cool evening breeze blew—an idyllic time. However, I could tell that Carlton, who was the lead scientist at The Jornada Experimental Ranch near Las Cruces, had something to say as he cleared his throat and took my hand in his. “I have been invited to Moscow next summer to give a paper based on my research here in New Mexico. It is quite an honor for me. I’d like you and the kids to go with me,” he said with his strong Texan accent.

“Moscow! There is no place I’d rather go!” I exclaimed excitedly.

“It is going to take a pile of money. Would you rather use the money to go to Europe?” he asked, unsure of my enthusiasm.

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