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George Big Frenchy DeMange

Harlem’s Cotton Club, Owney Madden and Boxing

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Motion picture actor George Raft (1901-1980) was a former sidekick of bootleggers Owen Vincent Owney Madden (1891-1965), George Jean Big Frenchy DeMange (1896-September 18, 1939) and Joe Adonis (1902-1971). A number of these mobsters were gunned down during Mafia gang wars.

In the 1930s Raft backed mobster Benjamin Bugsy Siegel’s (1906-1947) entrance into Hollywood society. Big Frenchy was also an associate of beer runner Larry Fay (1888-1933). The proprietor of the El Fay Club on West 47th Street, Manhattan, Fay earned $500,000 importing whiskey from Canada.

Madden and his partner DeMange presided over the Cotton Club. Contemporaries of bootlegger Arthur Flegenheimer (aka Dutch Schultz), Madden and DeMange made their offices at the Harlem nightclub every evening. From 1923 to 1935 the entertainment venue was located at 142nd Street and Lenox Avenue. Briefly, in the years between 1936-1940, the club was situated in the midtown theater district. One evening, just off the entrance foyer to the Cotton Club, DeMange informed gossip reporter Leonard Lyons (1906-1976) about a series of front-page newspaper stories. They dealt with Manhattan District Attorney Thomas Edmund Dewey’s (1902-1971) prosecution of Democratic Party leader James Joseph Jimmy Hines (1876-1957). Hines’ conviction was part of Dewey’s rise to become New York Governor and Republican Presidential nominee.

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