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Anthony Fat Tony Salerno

Genovese Family Mobster, Boxing Financier

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On August 26, 1959 fight promoter Vincent J. Velella (1914-2009) returned to New York City from Sweden. Landing at Idlewild Airport he brought with him signed contracts for a Jens Ingemar Johansson (1932-1963)-Floyd Patterson (1935-2006) heavyweight fight. The bout pitted the recently crowned Heavyweight Champion of boxing against the former heavyweight king.

New York District Attorney Frank Smithwick Hogan (1902-1974) identified Anthony Fat Tony Salerno (August 15, 1911-July 27, 1992) as the previously mysterious Mister X. The formerly unidentified mobster was cited by a New York Grand Jury as an associate of underworld figures. Salerno was linked with various Mafia rackets such as numbers running and bid rigging in the construction industry.

Later on Salerno served as a Genovese family underboss and front boss. Hogan was a mannerly attorney who worked thirty-two years as Manhattan’s District Attorney. Known for his honesty and trustworthiness he was called Mr. Integrity.

Hogan and his assistants had searched for Salerno for weeks. Reputedly he was the Mafia’s financial backer for the June 26, 1959 fight in which Johansson won the heavyweight title from Patterson on a third round knockout.

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