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Thomas Tommy Ryan Eboli

Genovese Family Underboss

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Thomas Tommy Eboli (June 13, 1911-July 16, 1972) was one of three Genovese family members who took care of Vito Don Vitone Genovese’s (1897-1969) criminal empire while the Mafia leader was imprisoned in Atlanta Federal Penitentiary. The boss of bosses served time for financing a narcotics deal.

The other Genovese caretakers were Gerardo Jerry Catena (1902-2000) of South Orange, New Jersey and Michele Big Mike Miranda (1896-1973). When Genovese died on February 14, 1969 Eboli’s name was circulated as a possible successor. His home address was Fort Lee, New Jersey. Before moving to Fort Lee the mobster had lived in Ridgefield, Teaneck and Englewood Cliffs.

Tommaso Thomas Ryan Eboli was born in Scisciano, Citta Metropolitana di Napoli, Campania, Italy. His parents were Louis and Madalena Maddalone. Tommy immigrated to the United States as a youth with his parents. His brother, Pasquale Patsy Ryan, was a Genovese family capo.

During the Prohibition era Thomas Eboli became a bootlegger who worked for Mafioso Charles Lucky Luciano (1897-1962). By the 1930s he was the personal bodyguard for Vito Genovese, Luciano’s underboss. In 1933 Eboli was arrested on six counts of illegal gambling and disorderly conduct. He was active boss of the Genovese crime family for less than a decade.

One year while living in New York City’s Greenwich Village Eboli became acquainted with Anthony Tony Bender Strollo (1899-1962). Their meeting marked the beginning of Tommy Ryan’s relationship with the Genovese family.

Thomas Eboli adopted the name Tommy Ryan from a boxer of the same name. In late January 1952 boxing manager Tommy Ryan Eboli appeared in court. He was there to answer a charge that he punched a Madison Square Garden referee. Allegedly Eboli had arranged for his fighter’s opponent to throw the fight. However the referee wasn’t in on the fix.

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