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All the people who, mentally, emotionally and in all other ways, get me up and off to my appointed rounds. As always, the brains and the beauty in the family, my wife Nancy. The extended family: Daughter Rachael, granddaughter Lily (who at age five is already fluent in English, Spanish and Grandpa). The latest in the fold, Brent, Robert and Layla…and lest I forget… Dave and Gloria. Super agent Lori Perkins is always in my corner. Brady, the designated man’s best friend. All the great authors, musicians and artists who are constantly running through my head and finally the late and great Mary Tyler Moore who proved that it is possible to juggle fantasy and reality and not drop a thing.


Author’s Notes…Make It Different

Introduction…Break on Through

Chapter One…Feeling Wild Anger

Chapter Two…Going to California

Chapter Three…Second Spanish Girl

Chapter Four…Oh Rob!

Chapter Five…Car Crash Love

Chapter Six…Something in the Air

Chapter Seven…Can You Beat This?

Chapter Eight…The Other Woman

Chapter Nine…Divorce is All Around

Chapter Ten…Mother and Child Disunion

Chapter Eleven…Stealth Feminist

Chapter Twelve…The Movement Looks at Mary

Chapter Thirteen…There’s Gonna Be a Showdown

Chapter Fourteen…This Is The End

Chapter Fifteen…From Minneapolis With Love

Chapter Sixteen…Peaks and Valleys

Chapter Seventeen…Once Upon a Time in 1973

Chapter Eighteen…The Great Silence

Chapter Nineteen…Alone Again

Chapter Twenty…Love and Rehab

Chapter Twenty-One…The Politics of Moore

Chapter Twenty-Two…Uptown, Downtown

Chapter Twenty-Three…The Watershed Years

Chapter Twenty-Four…Suicide Solution

Chapter Twenty-Five…Bits and Pieces

Chapter Twenty-Six…When In Doubt…Dick

Chapter Twenty-Seven…Do Not Go Gentle

Chapter Twenty-Eight…Into That Good Night

Chapter Twenty-Nine…Rest in Peace

Epilogue… Life and the Statue



Author’s Notes

Make It Different

There are no hard and fast rules in celebrity book publishing. I take that back; there are a couple.

Get it out first is a good rule to live by. Win, place and show only count in horse racing. Get it out reasonably fast is also right up there. You may have the better book but six months down the road, who is going to take the time to compare? But, bottom line and probably most important, tell a story that is insightful, entertaining, inspiring and, finally, totally different from anything that has ever been written about the subject. In which case, forget about the first two. Because positive word of mouth will take care of the rest.

The late and legendary actress Mary Tyler Moore is a case in point.

When Moore died on January 25, 2017 at age 80, she had spent untold decades in the public eye. Her stints on the iconic The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show, her award winning turn in the major motion picture, Ordinary People and, yes, even those ultra cheesy Happy Hotpoint commercials made her a legendary actress and, to many, an important footnote in the women’s movement.

But there was more, so much more, to the actress and her time. Her 1995 autobiography After All was a candid look at the reality of her life and her battles with alcoholism while in 2009, a second memoir entitled Growing Up Again: Life, Love and Oh Yeah Diabetes, talked at length and with much candor about her bout with the disease.

Bottom line, Moore had been upfront and public about pretty much everything, personal and professional, in her life. So I was somewhat surprised when my editor emailed me a couple of days after Moore’s passing and wanted to know if I would like to do a book on the life of Mary Tyler Moore. I was more than interested.

Strong women almost always make for an interesting story. I’ve been up close and personal on a professional level with some of them for seemingly forever as editors, publicists, fellow writers and, of course, my agent. And one thing they’ve all had in common was the drive, the determination and the independent streak that drives us all to get the job done and get it done right. With rare exceptions, the women who have made history in any way, shape or form have never strayed far from the goal of professionalism and a dedication to garner respect through hard work and well thought out decisions. One need only have examined Mary Tyler Moore’s life and times to recognize that she had long been a paid-up member of this exclusive club. She was not the type of person who is crying out for somebody to chronicle her life and times.

I was a lifelong fan and, as such, I was eminently qualified for the task.

I can honestly say I saw her very first film, a 1961 quickie opposite Charles Bronson called X-15. I remember seeing her opposite Elvis Presley in 1969 (in Germany no less) in a film called Change of Habit. I knew that she had posed for more than a dozen cheesecake record album covers in the 50’s and early 60’s. So yeah, I was in.

Until I mentally took stock and realized that there was really not that much new to talk about other than her final year of life. And I was not about to simply recycle old and familiar news. So, I took a step back and thought about it. And finally came up with an angle that was literally staring me in the face.

Which is that the life of Mary Tyler Moore was only a part of the story.

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