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Angelo Buffalo Bill Palmeri and

the Buffalo, New York Mafia

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Angelo Benedetto Buffalo Bill Palmeri (1886-1969) was indicted in 1924 for a gun permit he had applied for in 1922. On the document he falsely swore that he was an American citizen. At one point Palmeri had been a close associate of racketeer/gangster Giuseppe J. Joseph Joe Gyp DiCarlo (1899-1980). 30, of Prospect Avenue in Buffalo. Palmeri was among the first Buffalo underworld figures to appear in public accompanied by a bodyguard. DiCarlo arrived in New York from Italy on February 14, 1905.

On Friday, June 26, 1931 a man who threatened DiCarlo’s life was the object of an intense police search. This coincided with a grand jury inquiry into DiCarlo and six of his minions. Federal authorities were also pursuing Palmeri about a separate indictment pending against him.

The 1924 indictment against Palmeri was obtained by U.S. District Attorney William J. Donovan. The charges followed Palmeri’s appearance as a bail bondsman for DiCarlo. Joe the Wolf had been facing a narcotics charge. Bail was set at $100,000. Before his release pending trial Palmeri had posted bond of $5,000. Despite the seven-year-old pending indictment Palmeri remained a free man.

The individual who threatened DiCarlo was reportedly riding around Buffalo in a large black touring car. Police said the man was accompanied by three other men believed to be looking for revenge against the racketeers. The men were known to have shaken down numerous Buffalo gamblers, speakeasy operators and others active in the city’s nightlife. They often lured victims to questionable locales before stealing their money. Newspaper writers believed the shakedown artists had received police protection. Observers surmised that Joe DiCarlo was chosen for a shakedown because of his wealth and social connections.

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