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October 2017 - Richard Lighthouse Ebooks on Smashwords

Richard Lighthouse

October 2017 - Richard Lighthouse Ebooks on Smashwords

Published by Richard Lighthouse at smashwords.com

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Original 1A – 6 October 2017

Houston, Texas, U.S.A.

Revision 1C – 6 October 2017

October 2017 - Richard Lighthouse Ebooks on Smashwords


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This short ebook lists 93 ebooks on smashwords.com published by Richard Lighthouse, between January 2013 and October 2017 . These are currently available. Note there are some ebooks that have been superceded and are no longer available. Some ebooks were published prior to 2013 on other websites.


Figure 1. Ebooks listed by Smashwords Number:

Smash Date Title

No. Pub.

1 374500 11/04/13 Mathematical Solution Unifying the Four Fundamental

2 374520 11/04/13 Preliminary Model for Grand Unified Theory (GUT)

3 376189 11/09/13 Time Travel: An Approximate Mathematical Solution

4 376192 11/09/13 Prototype Design for a Time Machine

5 376593 11/10/13 The Discovery of Parallel Universes

6 377399 11/12/13 Faster-Than-Light Travel: The Basic Mechanics

7 379747 11/19/13 The Lighthouse Law of Variance

8 381595 11/25/13 The End of Time: A Historical Note

9 381599 11/25/13 The Speed of Light in the Electrical Universe

10 389639 12/18/13 Experimental Method for Determination of the Lighthouse

11 392428 12/28/13 Recommendations for Tau 9 Treaty Negotiations

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