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Morris Dimples Wolensky

Murder, Inc Mobster

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Murdered on Monday, August 3, 1942 gambler Morris Dimples Wolensky November 15, 1900-August 3, 1942), 41, aka Wollen, was once an associate of Murder, Inc. boss Louis Lepke Buchalter (1897-1944). Wolensky had frequented Yonkers until he was driven out by New York Governor Herbert Lehman’s (1878-1963) two cleanup orders. At the time of his slaying Wolensky was considered a refugee from Yonkers. News reports said he was searching for a good midtown gambling spot. Wolensky was rumored to be part owner of the Frolics Gambling Club in Miami, Florida. His partners in this venture were Morris Dalitz (1899-1989) and Sam Gameboy Miller. The real owners of the establishment were Louis Lepke Buchalter, Meyer the Mob’s Accountant Lansky (1902-1983) and Abner Longie Zwillman (1904-1959).

The Frolics Club was launched as a joint venture in 1937. Its first owners were Dalitz and Anthony Carfano (1895-1959) aka Little Augie Pisano. 1939 FBI files record Moe Dalitz as sole owner. Sam Miller managed the club. Zwillman, Lanksy, Carfano and Wolensky were probably silent partners in the club’s operation.

Wolensky was murdered by the same gun that killed betting commissioner Robert B. Greene (1901-1942), 41. Greene maintained offices on Wall Street. He had homes in Central Park West and Palm Beach, Florida. Observers believed both men were victims of old fashioned gamblers revenge. Wolensky and Greene were playing cards when assassin’s bullets struck them. The twin slayings reminded long time New Yorkers of the murder of the notorious gambler Arnold Rothstein (1882-1928) fourteen years earlier.

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