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Auguste Joseph Ricord

French-Argentine Heroin Dealer

International Drug Kingpin

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In late1972 Argentine national Auguste Joseph Ricord (1911-1985), aka II Commandante, was convicted for drug trafficking in a New York courtroom. His conviction represented the largest successful prosecution of a foreign narcotics dealer in a United States courtroom. On January 31, 1973 he was sentenced to twenty years in prison and fined $20,000.

Ricord led an international ring that moved a ton of heroin into the U.S. on a yearly basis. The Ricord network was comprised of four teams. Ricord supervised the entire organization while running its main unit from Asuncion, Paraguay. Another team was headed up by Francoise Chiappe and Michel Nicoli. A third was run by Dominique Orsini and Louis Bosignour. The fourth was managed by Andre Condemine and Lucien Sarti. The drug syndicate has been described as Murder Incorporated in French.

Most of its leaders were eventually sentenced to death in France. Chiappe was considered the ring’s smuggling organizer in Argentina. Chiappe, Miguel Russo and Yolanda Sarmiento were part of the French Connection heroin ring of the 1950s and 1960s. At one time the trio were among the most wanted fugitives among drug criminals. Having descended into a life of crime in the 1950s Frank Black Caesar Matthews (1944-) acquired his own French Connection. Genovese family mobster Louis Cirillo had hired Matthews to run numbers in Harlem.

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