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Tommaso Buscetta

Italian Mafia Informant

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In October 1984 the Italian government agreed to fly Mafia informant Tommaso Buscetta (1928-2000), 52, to the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigation wanted his assistance in their ongoing investigations of seven Cosa Nostra murders. Some of the victims had apparently been flown to the United States from Sicily to New York to kill people. Buscetta used five aliases and sported a new face obtained via plastic surgery. The intricacy of his criminal connections took police nine 8X11 inch pages to diagram.

U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York Rudolph William Louis Giuliani (1944-) called the agreement to bring Buscetta to the U.S. one that both countries are very happy with but at this point I can’t reveal it. The agreement originated during the summer of 1984, following Brazil’s decision to extradite Buscetta. Commenting about Buscetta U.S

District Attorney Charles Rose told reporters, People around him seem to have a way of disappearing. The dead or missing include his second wife, two of his sons, two of his nephews, his son-in-law, the best man at his wedding and his business partner in a New York pizza shop.

Taken into custody in Rio de Janeiro, he was arrested for carrying a false passport. On July 15, 1984 he was extradited from Brazil to Italy. Having attempted suicide after his arrest, he returned to Italy under tight security. He was considered one of the most significant lynchpins between South American drug dealers and their counterparts in Europe and the U.S. Buscetta was guarded by as many as twenty heavily armed agents. Situated inside a specially constructed jail bunker, their duty was to watch Buscetta round the clock.

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