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John Fury

Rochester, New York Public Enemy #1

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On Thursday afternoon, January 31, 1935, John Andrew Fury (June 19, 1899-June 15, 1993) of Rochester, New York was ordered held for grand jury. He was charged with third-degree burglary in the court of Judge Homer Benedict.

On November 24, 1936 Fury and two accomplices were found guilty by a Monroe County Court grand jury. They were convicted of first-degree grand larceny and third-degree burglary. The offenses pertained to a safe containing $1,980. The thieves took money from a safe at 848 Clinton Avenue South Restaurant. The business was managed by Supervisor Timothy J. Kelly (1886-).

Fury and his companions were arrested in a Miller Street garage on the night of October 26th. Before closing in on their prey the detectives had maintained an all day watch on the garage. Two of the suspects were huddled inside a stolen truck. Another man wanted in the burglary was hiding beneath it.

Authorities found an empty safe and a stolen truck the gangsters had made off with. The looted safe sat beside the truck. The trio surrendered without a struggle. Detective Captain Anthony Andrew Andrews (1878-1959) also questioned Fury about another theft. He wanted any info the former pugilist could tell him about a truck that was hijacked on September 26th. $22,000 of Fashion Park Clothes had been inside it.

The three arrested men were also indicted on second-degree grand larceny charges. Police tied the Kelly burglary to a truck stolen from Arthur R. Jerome Koerner (1892-1972) of 2620 Ridge Road, West Greece. The theft occurred just days before the fugitives were caught.

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