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Table of Contents



To my beloveds Mick, Kia and Orin, and my family and friends for believing in me and letting me be me so I could let you be you…

and to our spirit family for loving us unconditionally and teaching us that love is everything.

Table of Contents


By Mick McHugh


I met Amanda in Dublin, Ireland in 2002 and was instantly in awe of her. I knew this was a person who could and does live and strive beyond the reach of everyday normal human existence and common beliefs systems. In our fifteen years together, I've seen her do some incredible things. A lady walks past us, says, "Good morning", and Amanda replied, with a smile that eases a person, "Good morning. Who's Lizzy?" The lady burst into tears saying Lizzy was her favourite aunt who had passed away.

The depth of the conversation, connection and the healing that ended up taking place between Amanda and the lady for the next few hours was something beyond anything I had ever experienced before. The other thing that struck me was how Amanda worked altruistically in that moment in order to give the lady the message from her dead aunt.

In 2004, I listened to Amanda as she told me Madrid was going to be bombed in three days’ time. Three days later I stood there in shock as my work colleague exclaimed, "Madrid has just been bombed." 

In our fifteen years together, I've continued to see her do countless amazing similar psychic acts that have blown mine and other people's minds. 

I’ve seen the incredible change in people from before and after a psychic reading with Amanda. Words almost don't do it justice, it's like a light bulb has been switched on in them! They have this glow, sense of knowing and empowerment.

To our family, these psychic events have become common place! It is simply a natural way of life for Amanda and for our family. Amanda really lives to helps people with her natural gift and it is just that, a natural gift. 

I hope her stories that she shares in this book will touch your heart and soul, and ultimately inspire you to trust your own intuition. 

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Chapter One: Intuition Defined

Chapter Two: My Psychic Background

Chapter Three: Connecting With People Who Have Crossed Over

Chapter Four: Examples of Psychic Readings

Chapter Five: Different Types of Psychic Intuition

Chapter Six: Everyday Intuition

Chapter Seven: Child Psychics

Chapter Eight: Psychic Sight - The Prediction of 9/11

Chapter Nine: The Search For True Love

Chapter Ten: My Family & Life After Death Experiences

Chapter Eleven: Make Your Life Count

Chapter Twelve: Love Is...

Chapter Thirteen: Conclusion

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About The Author





I wrote this memoir to tell people about my extraordinary life experiences as a psychic medium. I also wrote it because I want to help people use their intuition to make their own lives wonderful!

Being a psychic medium means sometimes I ‘know’ or ‘see’ things in the past, present or future. I also talk to spirits, angels, ancestors and deceased people. You may use other terms to describe these beings – there’s no right or wrong. I’ve found it’s best not to judge other people’s terminology but to accept that we all use terms that we are personally comfortable with depending on many things like our culture, education, religion, upbringing and our family’s beliefs. I use all of these terms depending on the energy that I feel when I am sensing or communicating with the being.

The definition of intuition is the ability to understand something instinctively, without the use of conscious reasoning. Intuition is often an immediate, gut feeling or hunch that appears quickly in our minds, without us being aware of the reasons for it.

We can all think of situations where we have experienced intuition ourselves.  We might have a feeling that something is wrong with someone we love, even though they are at school or work or live some distance away from us. Then we find out that they were in trouble or sick. We might just know who is ringing us on the telephone before we answer it. We can feel that someone isn’t telling us the truth, only to find out later that we were right.  We might hear a warning in our head that helps us avoid an accident or we might have a dream that subsequently comes true.

I have been using my intuition, like you, my whole life. In my twenties I decided to use it consciously and regularly and by doing so, I made my life amazing! I found true love, I gave important messages to people from their deceased loved ones, I predicted bombings, weather, pregnancies, death, illnesses and spoke to angels, animals and more!

If you have ever wanted to awaken or enhance your intuitive abilities, then this book is for you. By showing you what is psychically possible, the stories in this book might inspire you, and, if you wish, combined with the targeted exercises and meditations at the end of several of the chapters, help you open up and enhance your own psychic field.

This book can help you learn how to connect in with people who have passed over (died) if this is what you wish. You will learn how to read their signs, listen to their messages and interpret what they have to tell you. It will help you trust your instincts and what you hear, rather than doubt yourself. Because we are not taught anything like this, we can tend to doubt what we are sensing, however after many years of trusting myself and spirit, it becomes second nature to hear what spirits are saying or see what they are trying to tell us through feelings, physical sensations, thoughts, images, ideas, and dreams.

I share wonderful stories in this book about connecting with our loved ones who have passed over to the ‘other’ side. It is incredibly healing and inspiring to hear about such human and spirit encounters and is another step closer to proving that there is continuing life after death.

I hope my stories will help you as much as they have helped me, providing answers to life’s biggest questions, peace of mind and purpose in life. Through learning about our innate intuition, we discover the incredible spiritual world that exists both within us and around us, as we continue to build a bridge between this world and the next.

Our intuitive psychic abilities can really help us here in this world, especially if we decide to use and develop them over time. I invite you to explore this fascinating journey into intuition and the spirit/earth world connection with me and thrive in your life…  

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Intuition Defined


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.

It is the source of all true art and all science.”

Albert Einstein



THE TERM ‘PSYCHIC’ IS ABOUT HAVING SPECIAL MENTAL ABILITIES, where we can know about things without knowing how we know them. This is also known as intuition. It’s that quick, powerful gut feeling you get when you just know something.

We use these extra intuitive senses and not just our standard five senses, to get information about the world and everything in it and also, beyond it. Using my psychic sense, I have experienced some truly incredible things in my life. Things that I had been told were impossible or only existed in the realm of movies and science fiction.  

I have used multiple psychic abilities. Some of these include:

  • Seeing pictures or movies of the past, present or future play out in my mind (clairvoyance);

  • Knowing that something is going to happen, such as an impending pregnancy, death, car accident, etc.

  • Connecting with deceased people, angels and spirit guides (psychic medium). This includes seeing them physically, sensing their energy or thoughts in my mind, and hearing their voices in my left ear (clairaudience).

  • Gleaning information off objects about the owner of the object or something that happened to the object (psychometry) or getting information about a distant object (remote viewing);

  • Sensing medical issues that a person has (medical intuition);

  • Psychic smell and taste abilities, for example, smelling roses or tasting a favourite food or drink because the deceased person loved these things when they were here;

  • Empathic abilities, feeling other people’s emotions;

  • Telepathy, hearing other people’s thoughts and sending my thoughts to others (examples in this book include experiences with my children);

  • Shaking or feeling oncoming bad weather formations such as a tsunami or acts of terrorism before they occur.

I look in more detail at some of these abilities below.




I am a psychic medium, which means I communicate with other beings including people who have died, spirits, guides, angels and ancestors. I can feel, sense and hear when they are present. I often see them in my mind’s eye (my thoughts) and I have seen them with my physical eyes also. They have looked as real as you or I, standing right next to me in a room.

Even though many people can’t physically see spirits, they do often feel, hear and sense them (just like we can’t see radio waves or Wi-Fi but we know these exist). Spirit people exist at a different dimension or density to us.

People in spirit form can let us know they are here. They might make the hair on our arms or on the back of our neck stand up or they can tickle parts of our body! Many a time I have felt my hair pulled or stirred.

Unfortunately, because we haven’t been taught about spiritual beings or to trust that we can sense them, we often discount what our senses are telling us. Just because we don’t see the spirit person with our physical eyes, we doubt what we are feeling, thinking and knowing. I’ve known many grieving people who say they feel their loved ones but they don’t know if it’s true.

I have some beautiful young friends who died and when they have visited me in spirit, light bulbs have blown in the room I was in! On several occasions I sensed their presence, I’ve seen them in my mind’s eye like picturing a photograph of them, then heard them tell me a message about their mother, and then the bulbs have blown. If you ask me this is a brilliant and clear communication strategy to get their message across and demonstrate that they are definitely here!

People in the spirit world tell us profound messages. They seem more aware of what is happening around them and assure us that life continues after death. There are so many books about this, many people have written about their loved ones returning from spirit and telling them or showing them the love and beauty on the other side. They tell us not to worry here, nor to worry about death and dying. They say it’s just back to a state that we already know.

So while I see and hear messages from the other side, I also feel or sense an altered state of energy simultaneously. Every soul has an energetic footprint or signature; you could call it a personality. It is this energy that you can feel and it tells you lots of information about the spirit person. It is distinct and different for everyone. You might feel all manner of things about the deceased person, such as if they are male or female, a grandparent, parent or child, funny or serious, and if they loved cooking, flowers, writing or sports or some other hobby. You might sense illness they had when they were alive or the manner in which they died.

It’s just like sensing somebody nearby in the physical world. Like you know how when you are standing alone at your kitchen sink and suddenly you can feel someone looking at you from the other side of the room? When you turn around your housemate, partner, child or even your pet is there just looking at you? It’s that knowing and feeling another person’s energy, even though you hadn’t heard them come into the room or seen them physically yet, you just ‘felt or ‘knew’ someone was looking at you!

It’s true that we just know things sometimes, without knowing how we know them, we just do.


A Beautiful Example of Mediumship


There are many ways to begin a memoir, from defining what psychic means, to telling you more about who I am.  For me, I find that real life examples of things really help me to grasp an idea and that’s why this memoir is packed full of examples and stories. We learn mostly through observation, so by hearing these stories and knowing what is possible, in theory this should open or enhance your own psychic field, if this is what you wish. And so, I thought the best way to introduce myself to you would be through a powerful example of my psychic experience.

The following story is one of the most beautiful examples of my psychic gift and one of my favourite stories because of the profound meaning that it has imparted on my life and the lives of the people involved. It sets the scene for how magical our lives really are. I’m skipping my life story ahead a bit; I was about thirty-two when the following event happened.


The Twins


This story begins in Ireland when I was doing readings for a professional, travelling, holistic fair. Some of the country’s best psychics, natural healers, naturopaths, massage therapists, tarot and angel card readers and crystal and light healers travel with this fair so I felt very privileged to be a part of it.

There is a great sense of love and spiritual power emanating from this fair; and no matter your belief, you can’t help but feel there is a God like presence.  The energy in the room is just incredible.

A middle-aged woman named Claire saw me giving readings at the fair but I was very busy so she took my card. Claire called me afterwards to arrange a group reading at her house in Drogheda (north of Dublin). She said she didn’t know why but for some reason it was important to see me and not any of the other psychics who were there that day. When I turned up to her house there were eight people who wanted a reading. I had been expecting about five people but I took it in my stride, although I knew it would go well into the night.

It was a bright, warm, summer’s evening and they were all enjoying drinks and food on a lovely wooden deck extending off the side of the house. One of my favourite things in the whole world are the long, glorious summer evenings in the Northern Hemisphere, where the sun doesn’t set until 11pm in the height of the season. There’s nothing like that wonderful feeling of enjoying a late evening picnic or stroll in a park, seeing the kids out playing football and the joy as people are out and about, shaking off the long winter months. My husband, Mick and I used to love getting hot chocolates or mocha lattes from Butler’s Chocolate Café on Grafton Street and going into St Stephen’s Green, a beautiful park right in the heart of Dublin city. We’d have a lovely walk in the park and then lie on the green with all the other summer revelers soaking up the warmth and light of the glorious summer sun.

That particular beautiful afternoon however I wasn’t enjoying the sun, rather I remember feeling nervous about ‘putting on a good show’ for the people who were each paying good money to see me.  I also had a strong feeling that it was really important that I be there for them and do what I had come to do. I worked through my nervousness and was focussed and ready to do the readings. I had been praying and talking to the angels for days beforehand leading up to the psychic party to help me do the best possible readings for the people present.

Claire was a lovely lady, so well-spoken and well dressed, with a beautiful light-filled, newly decorated home.  She wasn’t rich by any means but her life was comfortable. In the boom time of the Celtic Tiger many Irish people were enjoying such comforts and their homes were newly built, spacious and modern. There was a lot of building and construction going on in the country.

Claire introduced me to a few people around the table and then to her young teenage son. She led me to a small but cosy office that was the perfect place to do readings.

I created a sacred space for myself in the office using candles, prayer, crystals and the scent of lavender oil. I saw three of her friends first. They were happy with their readings, and in between seeing these people; I was playing a fun peek-a-boo game with Claire’s twin daughters. They were really cute, little blonde girls about nine years old, poking their heads around the office door and smiling at me. Although no one had told me, somehow I just knew they were Claire’s daughters.

Then Claire came in for her reading. I will never forget her reading because it was so beautiful and so profound. Often the best readings are the simplest, straight to the point and as natural as breathing. My eyes often well up thinking about this beautiful experience. Perhaps because I am a mother, I feel extremely grateful for it.

She made herself comfortable and we were facing each other and smiling. The first thing I said to Claire was actually all she needed to hear. It was the reason she had invited me to her house in the first place, and having her friends there only seemed to give her courage and perhaps a sort of emotional cushion.

Only a few seconds after she sat down I said to her, “On the way into the house you introduced me to your son, but you didn’t introduce me to your twin girls that have been playing with me around the outside of the office door this evening. Where are they?”

Immediately, Claire broke down crying.

Sobbing, she bent over in her chair and held her hands in her face. She appeared to rock back and forth a little for a few moments. She cried out, “That’s all I needed to hear! That’s all I needed to hear!”

When she composed herself again, she was smiling, though tears were still streaming down her face, and emotions were running high in the room.

I knew I’d said something really important but I didn’t know yet how important or incredible it had been. I was smiling but I had no idea why!

Through smiles and tears, she turned to me and dropped her hands from her face. In an amazing moment that I will never forget, her eyes shining so brightly, she said, “My twin girls died at birth. They died at birth!”

To me, at that house, that evening, those blonde-haired, pig tailed twin girls were as ALIVE as their mother sitting before me! I saw them at the human age they would have been had they survived. Strange, but at the time I remember smiling and laughing so much with the girls, I hadn’t noticed that no one else could actually see them.

Claire told me that she had always felt them around her, especially when she was in the kitchen cooking, but this was the first time anyone had confirmed that they were actually with her. The girls came back into the room; this time I couldn’t see them physically but I could feel them standing there and see them in my mind’s eye. They spoke into my mind and said they were being raised on the other side with their elder relatives and that there were a lot of children for them to play with. They assured their mother they were very happy and had always visited her and would continue to do so.

We could both feel them in the room as they spoke to me. It was a beautiful, heartfelt reunion. Claire would never doubt again; she knew that when she could feel them, they were with her. After this, we discussed that she would be able to have a relationship with them and carry on conversations and trust that she was heard and that her love was always felt by her beautiful twin girls. That death was only an illusion was clear to us that beautiful, long summer’s evening.

Several chapters of this memoir are devoted entirely to messages from our loved ones on the other side just like this story.


Life After Death


What deceased persons tell us about life after death is very inspiring. Obviously this means a lot to us living people, as one day we will be on the other side. This knowledge can have a huge impact on how we live our day to day lives.

Death can give life a whole new perspective. We can more appreciate our lives now and also embrace what is to come. We can also deal with our grief for our loved ones in a healthier, real and spiritually aware way because we understand that they continue to exist after the passing of their physical body. We can keep in mind the spiritual perspective that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes in our universe that we are just not privy to yet.

All evidence (from all cultures, over centuries of history) points to the fact that we live on in an afterlife where our souls, our personalities, our thoughts, continue to exist with many other souls in a multi-layered existence. There is also much accumulated information and scientifically validated accounts of reincarnation, where the soul moves onto a new human life after completing another.

We can prepare for our continuing life in the now, by being fully aware and conscious of our continued state of being. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain if we do this.

Because of my own experiences talking to deceased persons and angels/spirits/guides and reading about thousands of other people’s accounts of their experiences with other worldly beings also, I wholeheartedly believe that we continue to exist, thrive, grow and love when we shed this particular body. This book contains so many of these wonderful stories and I’m sure that you can probably think of many of your own stories or stories from people you know or books you have read.

This is a very little but sweet story that happened one day in 2016 when I was in Byron Bay; I live twenty minutes inland from this coastal town. I was going for a walk but had left my hat at home. I felt a spirit voice tell me to go to a particular opportunity shop in town, one that I hadn’t been to in years. She told me that there was a hat just perfect for me on a hat stand to the left of the entrance and that it would be $1 and that I would know it immediately.

I could see in my mind’s eye that the hat was pink and that it had a word on the front of it, but I couldn’t see what the word was. Spirits often leave details out of visions so we that can uncover things in the real physical world. They have their reasons for this, which we are generally not privy to. I get the sense that they enjoy giving us happy little surprises as much as we enjoy receiving them. They also like it when we listen to them, it validates our connection to them and to our own spiritual nature.

I parked my car and walked a few minutes to the shop. When I got inside there was a hat stand to my left and on it I saw this lovely pink hat that stood out to me.  It’s hard to believe but not only was it in excellent condition for a second hand item, the big bold hot pink words on the front of the hat said, “Heaven!” complete with a love heart after the word! That was definitely the perfect hat meant for me! The spirits have such a wonderful sense of humour!

But they also come through for us when we need them and in serious and sad times. Mick and I had taken our two children, Kia and Orin, roller skating, but Mick doesn’t know how to skate and he isn’t learning because he’s a full time musician and has to protect his hands and arms so that he can play guitar for work.

I was skating around with the children, enjoying the popular music they play there, when Mick’s best friend from high school, Neil, who had just passed away recently, suddenly came into my mind. He told me to go straight over to Mick who was sitting on a low sofa, just out of my line of sight because of the walls surrounding the skating rink. A song had come on that I didn’t know but it was really nice. I felt Neil tell me that it was something to do with the song.

At Neil’s insistence, I went over to Mick and he was literally crying his eyes out. Mick told me that the song we were listening to had been played at Neil’s funeral. We hadn’t been able to attend the funeral as Mick is Irish, the funeral was in Ireland and we live in Australia. Mick’s friends had told him all about the service and what songs were played and although I didn’t know that the song was relevant beforehand, Neil made sure that I knew the song was important. He also made sure that I was there to hold Mick as he shed all the tears that had been waiting for the right moment to come.

If Neil hadn’t have told me, I would have been skating around happily oblivious to my husband’s pain. This is what connecting to the spirits can do for us, help us, help each other, in such a beautiful, true spirit-way. They tell me they come to us all the time to help us help each other, it’s just that I can hear them clearly and feel their energy so strongly that I can put words to these incredible experiences. Many times they help us but we don’t realise they are the ones who put a thought into our head that directed us towards helping someone.

By reading this book, spirit tell me that others will be better able to hear them more clearly also.


Telepathy - Picking up on People’s Thoughts


As a psychic, sometimes I can hear what people are thinking and will know what they are going to say before they say it.  Recently I was driving home and thinking of my neighbour and I heard the words, “I’ve got a present for you!” 

On arriving home, I was walking into my house when he came into my yard calling out to me, “I’ve got a present for you!”

Another recent situation was where I was trying to pick a gift for my friend but I kept seeing that she needed pillows. I did not want to buy her pillows! I text her and said, “Weird question, I’ve been looking for a present for you this week and I keep thinking you need pillows lol is that true?”

She messaged me back stating, “Omg… how did you know… I just picked up a pillow in the shop… cause my pillows have gone missing again… lol… I didn’t buy cause it wasn’t firm enough…”

We live twenty hours’ drive away from each other so I couldn’t have actually seen her doing this or known by any ‘normal’ means.

As psychic beings, we have a radar that works continuously reading the environment around us, but that environment is not limited to the direct space or time within our immediate vicinity.

The range of our psychic radar is expansive and nonlinear. It transcends what are accepted as general physical laws (such as time goes in one direction – in fact physicist’s now say that time in non-directional).

For example, I had been seeing all week that my friend needed pillows, and thought of texting her, but chose not to text her until it felt right, which meant I actually sent the text to her a minute after she had just looked at pillows in a store, when the text would be most relevant and have the most impact. Also, in what could be considered an amazing ‘coincidence’, my mother just also happened to be in the store that day and my friend had seen her at the same time also!


Seeing Things Before They Happen and Getting Information off Objects


I am also a psychic or clairvoyant so I see things before they happen. For example, even though my friend’s car appeared to be driving well, I once predicted the exact day that his carburetor was going to break down on his car.

I have predicted many things before they happened including acts of terrorism, bad weather and natural disasters, pregnancy, illness, death, accidents, etc. I have also talked to unborn babies in their mother’s wombs who told me what was going to happen in the future and incidentally, I have also heard the thoughts of animals both deceased and living.

The way I see things about to happen in my mind, is much like seeing a photograph or a mini-movie clip. These premonitions can come in my waking life, in a state of meditation or when I am asleep and dreaming or just waking up from sleep.

Sometimes the messages come through to me when I am involved in automatic type activities, such as driving or washing the dishes.  I have found that spiritual beings can get through much more easily when the mind goes into this relaxed, altered and automatic state. The mind is more open to messages when it is relaxed.

When I am in focused gentle meditation or mindful prayer, spirit can get through easily also; and when I hold an intention and ask them to come through for someone and I am very focused on that, the spirit can also come through clearly.

Thus our consciousness can open to other realms when it is less preoccupied with thoughts or everyday worries. This is why I work on my own positive mental and physical health so that I can unmistakably hear the voice of spirit talking to me. It is important to me; I don’t want to miss the messages because those messages can really help us here.

An example of this is when recently I thought of a friend after not thinking of her for many months. She used to live near us but moved far away to another state many years ago with her family. Her daughter was best friends with my daughter and we could go for six months without contact. One day I thought to myself I must message her today and ask if they are coming for a visit soon. I forgot to contact her as I was busy and that night I received a message from her saying that they were coming the next week and asking if we would we be around to catch up. The next morning my daughter Kia knew none of this and said to me that she wished to see her friend soon! I then said, “Oh I forgot to tell you that I got a message from them last night and they’ll be here next week!” We can feel or hear messages from each other despite long distances!

Some other examples might be when I might think of messaging someone a minute before they message/text or call or I can feel that a certain person is about to ring me and then they do. Often I am thinking of someone and I go to dial their number and they ring me at that exact moment. I can have my mobile phone on silent but still ‘feel’ a text come through any time night or day. 

My husband is a musician and often he will text me from a gig in the middle of the night, and even though my phone is on silent or do not disturb mode, I will wake at the exact moment he sends it! It is like I can feel a subtle vibration in my own body or in my ear or in my mind before the text message actually comes through onto the phone.  Many people have described similar experiences to these, especially in relation to knowing that the phone is just about to ring and who it is.

Perhaps we are like antennas and receivers for such energy, be it thoughts or phone vibrations. It’s all energy. Just how strong this ability is, is anyone’s guess. But for me it’s constant. It can happen anytime, anywhere, and be related to almost anything!

We took our children to stay at a lovely beachside hostel in the Australian coastal town of Coffs Harbour and we met some nice backpackers travelling Australia. The night before we left I kept thinking I must get our uneaten bananas down to the communal kitchen and I kept seeing the face of Bito, a young Indonesian man we had met. The next morning, we were late to the breakfast table, and I said to Bito that I kept thinking of giving him these bananas. He said that earlier that morning one of the other residents was looking for a banana and then it made sense why I really wanted to take the bananas to the kitchen the night before, because someone would need them the next morning! And I felt I had to ask Bito because he was the only one around who could tell me this fact!

We were at a library book stall sale. I wanted to buy this children’s book on Egypt for Kia, our daughter, and said to Mick that I didn’t know why but we were going to need this book for her shortly.  A week later she told us that she had an assignment to do on Pharaohs!

In another example, my friend came over and she was distressed about something that had happened in her life. She was having a bit of a panic attack in my lounge room and suddenly this book came into my mind. I pretty much jumped up into the air and started running to my room and said to her, “Come with me, I know what you need!”

I found the book on my bookshelf and handed it to her. She started smiling and her eyes went wide and she looked super happy and excited! She said, “That’s my favourite book in the whole world! I lost my copy of it and I’ve been looking for it everywhere! I just took all the books out of my bookshelf looking for it! They are still on the floor!” We laughed and hugged and I told her she could keep it!

This story and stories like it make me so happy and so grateful for my gift of sight. I’d actually only ever been into that particular friend’s house once and only for a brief moment many years ago, so I had no idea what sorts of books she was into. Our children are friends so we usually get to see each other when she picks her son up from my place after a play date. I adore her and want the best for her, and so does spirit and that is why the image of that book suddenly and powerfully came into my mind.

The book I gave her was an inspirational paperback by the awesome life coach Tony Robbins, whose work is helping millions to live their best possible lives here on earth. I love his spirit, he’s helping us all to shed fears and blocks and move on to become the awesome, empowered beings we are meant to be here.


Psychometry & Medical Intuition


We can pick up energy and information off everyday objects. This is called psychometry. Objects can ‘tell’ us something about the owner of the object or about the environment in which the object has been in.

I was at my friend’s house watching her two adorable children use home-made maps to find hidden ‘treasures’ around the house (i.e. toys they had wrapped up in newspaper and hidden around the house so they could then find; just so cute). While we were laughing and chatting about their game, I was looking at one of the maps and I was unexpectedly transported in my mind to a particular family fun park on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

In my mind I saw the family having fun following a map around the park. I could see it and feel their experience, almost as if I was there on the day! My friend’s eyes lit up as she said, “Yes! That is where they first learnt to use maps as we were completely lost when we went there!”

I can also feel other people’s illness and disability in my own body (often called medical intuition). I sometimes sense it in their bodies or I will actually feel pain or changes in my own body alerting me to their condition.

One day I was standing in my kitchen at the back of the house when I suddenly felt my right eye go funny, at the exact same time at the front of the house something flew into my son Orin’s eye and Mick had to wash his eye out. There was nothing in my eye, but I had felt the thing fly into Orin’s eye. I didn’t know that this had happened to him at first, I was standing in the kitchen rubbing my eye when Kia came in and said, “Something just flew into Orin’s eye on the deck, Daddy’s washing it.” My eye was suddenly completely fine.

It makes sense that I’m very connected to my own children. Funnily enough, the most practical thing has happened with my psychic gift and Orin’s shoes! Twice now, several years apart, I have been grocery shopping and I felt I had to buy Orin new shoes. He hadn’t needed them, but on two occasions I felt I should get them that day. On both those two occasions, when he got home from school, he walked in the door and announced that his shoes had just broken that day and that he needed new shoes! So twice, I was able to pull out the new shoes that I had just bought that day! A very practical and useful skill for a mother to have! 

So while that was a very present and in-the-moment thing to do, I can also see things in my mind that have happened in the past to people, although I wasn’t present at the time or didn’t know the person then and didn’t have any information about the event.

Ten years ago I had this excellent book on alternative health that contained very useful information about nutrition, herbs and supplements, however every time I read it I felt extremely stressed out and anxious. My tummy would be doing belly flops reading it! One day, after many weeks of feeling uncomfortable when I read the book, I flicked to the author’s prologue at the back of the book. In her closing statements she shared that while writing the book she was very stressed as she was on a strict and almost impossible deadline from her publisher! Then my feelings made so much sense! What a shame because it really effected the quality of the book for me and I stopped using it because of how it made me feel.

You don’t have to worry about that with this book, it took me over six years to write it at my leisure, with no one but myself and spirit to monitor where I was at with it. I’ve always known it would be published, I just always also felt that spirit and I would do so when the time was right.


A Strong Receiver


I have been this intuitive all my life, but I truly and fully embraced it in my twenties and I travelled the world doing readings for people. I love to call myself a spirit walker, this seems like an apt title to me.

Some people say the intuitive sense is like having a strong receiver, like a radio, picking up waves from the air. Waves such as thought waves that create a type of energetic pulse that can be read by people with in-tune intuitive receivers – we have so many other types of invisible waves in the air, such as radio, electromagnetic, sound, ultraviolet rays, gamma rays, kinetic energy, x-rays, microwaves, heat, colour and light, and scientists believe more will be discovered. We cannot see these waves, just like we can’t see psychic energy or thought or emotional or spiritual energy, but we can receive, transmit and feel these waves.

As we’ve established, we can be very sensitive to these thought and energy waves that are in our world. So I can feel that the house phone is about to ring a second or two before it does, as if I can pick up on the electrical or energetic vibration before the devices alert me to the incoming communication.

I can also pick up on the exact thoughts of the person who is about to make a phone call to me. I will see the person in my mind and hear exactly what they are going to tell me, and then my phone will ring and that exact conversation will then ensue.

I believe that we all do this to some extent. This is a part of our brain that we use all the time but are often not aware of it. The following incident supports that we can hear other’s thoughts. One night I wasn’t tired and I stayed up reading on my phone until late. I was squinting, closing one eye and not the other and the next day I had severe pain down one side of my face. It’s silly I know, but I was in a lot of pain and I said to myself, “I better be careful not to have a stroke.” That next night when putting my son Orin (aged 7 at the time) to bed, I was thinking about the pain in my face again as it hurt. I thought I must be more careful reading in bed so as not to have a stroke. Simultaneously, I was giving him a big hug and he said to me, “Mummy what is a stroke?”

In another example, my daughter Kia, 13 at the time, was at school one day and her good friend told her that she had just written a new story. Without thinking, purely instinctually and naturally, Kia struck her hand into the air and exclaimed, “A gift from above!” With a look of surprise on her face, Kia’s best friend announced, “That’s what the story is called!”

So yes, these stories are proof we must be aware of what we are thinking! We are often aware of what we say to others, but we also need to be aware of what we think, because even if we don’t realise it, these thoughts are out in the atmosphere and are apparent to others.

Of course some people are excellent blockers and can block others from seeing what they are intending and thinking until it is too late and the other person has been duped in some way. However, the more you use your intuition, the more you can see past these masks and pretenses and unless you are really tired or sick or the person is very skilled at pretense, you will not be easily fooled. You might have an inkling or a gut feeling that all is not as it seems. Whenever I’ve ignored this feeling, I’ve usually ended up learning a valuable lesson the hard way!

We are spirit walkers, energy sensors, and thought readers, we live in this realm but also in the other realms that we can sense around us, and often we go to these realms in our dreams. When we fully embrace these facts, and learn to master our abilities, we will go forward into a new generation of being here on earth, as spirit will be able to manifest more clearly alongside us, like in the story about the twins whose physical bodies died at birth, but whose souls are very much alive.

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My Psychic Background



I’M STANDING IN MY KITCHEN AND A WOMAN IS TALKING TO ME. This is a normal everyday event for us all, except in this case, she is talking to me in my mind. I can’t see this lady at all, but I know she’s there because I can hear her and I can feel her presence beside me, just like you would feel another human close by. She is whispering to me in my left ear.

She asks me to think about the women in my community that I know. I start to think about them, and I feel a bit spacey, a bit far away, like my mind is travelling away from my body, like the two are distinctly separate.

When I get to a particular woman, Amy, I feel I am meant to stop, like I have found the right person. The invisible lady says to me, “Last night we got through to Amy, and if you contact Amy as well today she will listen to you and you will save her son from drowning in the pool.” 

I hadn’t been to Amy’s house in a few years. I recalled that years ago she didn’t have a fence around her pool. She now had a toddler about eighteen months old so I knew I had to contact her immediately.

       I sent Amy a concise text message and told her about the spirit lady’s message.  I explained that they got through to her last night, that her pool needed a fence as soon as possible, and that her son was in danger of drowning this week. I explained that if I contacted her then she would get the message and she would save his life.

Amy rang me back immediately. She was in a state of shock and amazement.

The night before she had experienced a powerful dream in which she saw a baby lying face down in a full bathtub of water. She pulled the child out and she saved the child in the dream. She felt that it was her child but she didn’t want to face it at the time.

I told her that I was shown exactly what happened if he was to drown - the sorrow, the pain, and the intense heartache that would never end for her and her family. I was shown the family would move house and never, ever get over the loss.

Amy told me that she and her husband wanted to buy a fence for the pool but it was a big expense on their wish list and they kept saying they were going to do it soon. She said she always kept a close eye on her baby son, but she had fears about the pool. She confided that she had thought to herself that if anything happened to her child in the pool she would move house and never forgive herself.

Because of our timely warning this child is safe and sound. I saw them recently, and Amy and I now have a unique and special bond built on gratitude and love, and of course on a shared, powerful, spiritual experience.

I feel so grateful that I could pass on such an important message and save a lot of people from the pain of this child’s unnecessary loss.

 As described previously, with my psychic sense, sometimes I will see things, other times I will hear things or I will feel things.  In this instance I heard the woman’s voice in my ear and I was also shown what could happen to the little toddler if my friend didn’t act on her dream and my message. Like other psychics, I act as a psychic bridge, and can readily move my awareness from this world to the next so that I can help us humans here in the physical world.

One thing that I know for sure, without a smidgen of doubt – We are not alone.


Growing Up Psychic


I know that I was always psychic. When I was a child, I used to be scared at night. I would hide under my covers, terrified to take a breath, praying to God that the spirits wouldn’t harm or scare me. My mother said that when I was little I spoke about some interesting things that freaked her out a little. She said it was like my brother and I were recounting past lives. While I was a natural psychic, it wasn’t openly encouraged or talked about. In fact, my Mum was a very devout Catholic and she told me not to speak about such things as I got older. She said that authorities would put me away if I spoke about what I could do. As the ancestor of an English convict, and a strong Catholic, I know my mother was just trying to protect me.

As a child however I begged for help with what I could sense but there were never any answers from the adults. I was told to relax and that I was dreaming or that my imagination was making things up. All the while, I could sense energies close by but I didn’t understand them. I could feel and hear spiritual beings trying to speak to me, but I didn’t want to talk to them and find out what they wanted. I would see and sense them at the foot of my bed and I was so terrified they would scare the life out of me like in a clichéd thriller movie.

The spirit at the end of my bed was my deceased great grandmother. I knew it was my great grandmother, because I could sense her energy; her distinct personality and physical shape but I was still scared. She wouldn’t have hurt me at all, she was always such a loving, funny woman, but I was young and just didn’t know what to say or do.  I didn’t know what she wanted from me. I would run into my mum and dad’s bedroom, sometimes screaming, always out of breath and terrified!

In that old house where I grew up there was also a male spirit who used to walk around with big clomping boots. He would walk through the house and stop at my doorway. When I opened the door, he wasn’t there but I could hear him walking and breathing and I could sense his thoughts. He didn’t have bad thoughts at all, but just a presence that stood out as being aware and alive and conscious. He seemed protective but as I was so young, I still felt utterly terrified.

So many nights he woke me by walking up the stairs near my bedroom window and along the corridor to my closed bedroom door. I always had it closed because I felt safer. I would tell myself that at least I would hear if he was to try and open the door. Somehow I knew I wasn’t in danger but I was still freaked out! I also knew it wasn’t my father because Dad had a wooden leg which made a distinctive sound when he walked through the house.

When I was about twenty-two years old, I lived and worked in a town three hours away from my parent’s house and I was visiting them for the holidays. My mother and I were in the lounge room watching late night television when the clomping man suddenly started walking through the house! He was so loud; he stood in the kitchen just on the other side of the curtain that separated the lounge room from the kitchen.

My mum nervously opened the curtain but there was no one there! He was so loud walking around out there, only a metre from us!  We could feel him there, a distinctive masculine presence. He wasn’t angry or aggressive or threatening at all, but of course we were both spooked!

It was then that my mum finally told me that she had always heard him in the house as well, but had never wanted to acknowledge him to me in case it scared me even more! I had been talking about him since I was young, and when I would run into my parent’s room, terrified because he was walking in the house, she would tell me to settle down and that I had been dreaming. I know she did the best she could at the time, she just didn’t know how to cope with a psychic child. 

I have learnt when my own young children have intuitive moments, to be honest and calm and truthful with them. I want them to have faith in what they intuit and not fear their gift of seeing and sensing spirits.

Interestingly, one day not long after my mother and I heard our stomping man in the house, a friend of mine Tina came over.  Tina was a natural psychic, as was her grandmother before her. Tina said, “There is a man here in the house, he doesn’t want to hurt you, but you hear him?” I told her I did hear him and I tried not to be scared but his heavy male footsteps had always frightened me. 

Tina reiterated that he wasn’t there to hurt us and that he was just visiting and looking out for us. This did help me to relax and not worry about him so much after that.

A new brick home stands there now, as the old house was destroyed in a cyclone, and no one has ever heard him walking on the tiles - he seems to have gone with the old house. Sometimes I wished I had had the courage to speak to him and I have wondered what he would have said to me. I will never forget him though, he was a peaceful spirit, he never meant any harm, it felt like he was looking out for me, for my family, and somehow, through his gentle thoughts and peaceful actions he was able to let me know this.


School Years


When I was in grade 3 our teacher introduced us to long division mathematics.  When he asked the class for the answer, he wasn’t expecting anyone to know. But I knew the answer and put my hand up and told him and the rest of the class. As my mother had taught me how to read numbers and letters by the time I started school, my teacher asked me if my mother had taught me how to do this type of mathematics. I said no. What happened was that the answer popped into the front of my head, as if it was just placed there and I could read it. I used to sometimes feel the presence of tutors or guides helping me as I wrote a paper.

I also had an incredible photographic memory. I could write out verbatim pages and pages of textbooks that I had read. In university, I could read many articles about a topic and then just write a ten or twenty-page essay from memory because in my mind’s eye I could see every single word I had read about the topic. I would do this for university exams also. For most of my life schoolwork was so easy for me and I never really had to worry about it. I feel that I had a lot of help with it from the other side!

I remember a powerful incidence when I was eleven years old and in grade six. In my mind, I saw a simple scene involving my classroom and some of the boys getting into trouble between two rows of desks that separated the class into two. I kept seeing it a few times in my head over a period of time and then one day it just happened in real life, in the exact same way I had seen it. In my mind/vision, I had felt the anger of the teacher, which was the prevailing emotion he had expressed when the event actually occurred in real life.

The teacher was frustrated with these particular boys and they were always pushing him to his limit. This day they pushed him too far and he really let his anger fly which wasn’t like him. That’s probably why I had experienced it beforehand, because it was an intense, uncharacteristic emotional outburst that was going to leave a strong energetic imprint.

I remember being amazed but not telling anyone. I had witnessed an entire scene play out in my mind way before it actually happened in real life.  How does a child put such a thing into words?

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