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Gennaro Gerry Lang Langella

Colombo Family Mafia Boss

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Gennaro Adriano Gerry/Jerry Lang Langella (December 30, 1938-December 15, 2013) was the son of Vincenzo Gennaro Langella (1877-and Anna Battista (1901-1970). Originally from Brooklyn he also lived at 818 Tena Place in Valley Cottage, New York (1993), 110 Lorraine Lp (1997) and in Staten Island. The Passenger Lists section of Ancestry.com records a trip Langella made from Las Piedras, Venezuela to New York City. His ship arrived on November 30, 1946.

Gerry Lang began his career in organized crime with a Brooklyn mob family at the age of 20. Serving for a time as bodyguard for Colombo family underboss Carmine John the Snake Persico (1933-), he earned the name of someone who could intimidate his enemies.

A pugnacious character he regularly provoked numerous senior bosses of rival crime families. He initiated controversy by suggesting that the Colombo faction was being slighted. Langella demanded fair treatment for his organization. Specifically he insisted the Colombos receive a fair percentage of return on construction extortions. Traditionally the Gambino and Genovese families were considered higher echelon mobsters in comparison to Colombo soldiers, capos and bosses.

Reportedly Gambino boss John Gotti (1940-2002) was among the Young Turks who befriended Gerry Lang. The Colombo member warned Gotti that aging Gambino boss Constantino Paul Big Paul Castellano (1915-1985) was contemplating a hit on him. Just nine days after Christmas 1985 a hit was carried out on Castellano. Gotti was suspicioned of ordering the murder.

During Gerry Lang’s tenure with the Colombo family its members immersed themselves in loan sharking, narcotics trafficking, hijacking and criminal receiving. In March 1984 Carmine Persico was paroled from prison. At the time he was freed he had served less than three years for Internal Revenue Service (IRS) bribery and parole violations.

Persico hadn’t anticipated that the government had already initiated a (Racketeering Influenced and Organizations Act) RICO indictment against him. This charged him with leading the Colombo family and participating in the Mafia Commission. Seven months after Carmine the Snake’s second release from prison authorities released word of his pending arrest to the New York Post.

Only days before the initial racketeering indictments were divulged Persico and underboss Gennaro Langella disappeared. Gerry Lang was apprehended in Brooklyn by FBI Colombo Squad supervisor Damon Taylor. When he was taken into custody he was wearing a beard disguise. Taylor had discovered his location through an informant. Exceptionally for a Mafia boss Persico made it into the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted Criminals list. As a fugitive he hid out in the Wantagh, Long Island home of a relative, Fred DeChristopher. An insurance salesman DeChristopher’s connection to the Colombo family dated from his marriage to Persico’s cousin, Katherine Russo. DeChristopher’s wife’s brother, Andrew Andy Mush Fat Man Russo was a leading Colombo capo. He was also Carmine Persico’s cousin. After a four-month manhunt DeChristopher disclosed Persico’s secret location to the FBI.

In late February 1985 Gerry Lang Langella was one of five Mafia godfathers named in a single racketeering indictment. Each man was intimately connected to the notorious underworld that Federal Bureau of Investigation Director William Hedgecock Webster (1924-) (FBI Director 1978-1987) was cracking down on. Webster described the indictment as historic. Emphatically he said, The major muscle of organization crime has now been brought to the bar justice.

The five mob bosses who were indicted were Gambino chieftain Constantino Paul Big Paul Castellano (1915-1985), Genovese head Anthony Fat Tony Salerno (1911-1992), reputed Lucchese family Mafioso Antonio Anthony Tony Ducks Corallo (1913-2000), Bonanno family director Phillip Rusty Rastelli (1918-1991), 67, and Colombo family honcho Gennaro Gerry Lang Langella.

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