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Lincoln's Missing Papers and Chair


Edmond Ankony

Richard Ankony


To my father, a kind, honest and selfless man whom I have loved dearly throughout my entire life.

I was blessed to have you as my father.

God sent me into good hands and I have been forever thankful and grateful to call you, Dad.

Though time and space may someday separate us, we will meet again at the sure and certain Resurrection to the life of the world to come, to rejoice with Mom who awaits us with our ancestors, at the banquet, in the Great Hall of our people.

In honor and respect of my father, Edmond Frank Ankony, this book could not have been written without his lifelong stories that he told to me throughout my life.


This book started out with the most innocent of intentions until it acquired a life of it's own which left me with the impression that it had become something out of the movie, National Treasure.

My 98-year-old father of whom I love dearly is my oldest friend on the earth has requested that I be his courier for this book.

Throughout the years my father has told me many stories in detail of yesteryear and one story in particular stood out since about 1990.

That story of which this book is about was an event my father witnessed around 1932 at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

My father witnessed certain pieces of fabric upholstery being torn and taken from the original Abraham Lincoln's chair in which he was assassinated in on April 14, 1865.

My father further read at that time certain original Abraham Lincoln papers that were also there that were taken, of which the contents that were described to me I found to be disturbing.

The problem is, the original Abraham Lincoln's assassination chair is believed for the last 85 years since 1929 to be at the Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan.

It is stated that Henry Ford, the automobile magnate, bought the original chair in 1929 and brought it up to Henry Ford Museum, Dearborn, Michigan to be put on display and kept there ever since.

Yet my 98-year-old father told me over and over again that he and his friends had seen and made contact with the original Abraham Lincoln chair in 1932 at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Upon my investigation, I was told from someone in the know, that the records at Independence Hall at that time, "of those that survived" were "spotty at best."

So on one side of the equation stands Henry Ford's empire with all its resources and influential expert historians making claim that their chair is original while on the other side stands just my 98 year old father and myself who disagree.

To begin with, I am not an historian and I say upfront that I can't compete with them nor is it my intentions to discredit them or anyone in any way.

What I am is a state licensed private investigator/private eye and a state licensed polygraph interrogator/examiner along with being a retired 25-year lawman.

This is what I am and all that I make claim too.

With this in mind I could not help but wonder that on one hand an automotive giant, Henry Ford, has claimed with 100% certainty since 1929, that the chair, which Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in, is in his possession and is the original assassination chair.

By claiming such has allowed Henry Ford to draw millions of people to his museum to pay $20 to $45 dollars a head, at present prices, to look upon and gaze at this perceived original antique with star struck eyes.

Yet my father on the other hand I know as an honest man both sane and with clear mind has never lied to me and has nothing to gain by stating, "The original chair cannot be at two places at the same time, Richard. It cannot be at Independence Hall around 1932 and at the Henry Ford Museum-Greenfield Village since 1929!"

With this statement, my investigative journey began.


From the Author

All my life I have been a hunter for the truth, which has led me into the polygraph profession.

As a polygraph examiner for the last 35 years I would have to sort out deception from the truth and then test against that deception and truth to reach a diagnostic evaluation.

As a private investigator I gather facts of a case of which I am investigating to bring closure to the matter. Many times I had to gather fragmented pieces and place them together to create a composite or picture as if a jigsaw puzzle to determine or reconstruct as best as I can what transpired.

As a police officer, as with all police officers, I had to study and observe suspicious characteristics or abnormal behavioral traits of people's behavior that are outside the norm of every day life.

For honest people usually act within certain known norms while deviants with their criminal mind usually act in a totally different fashion. The wolf in sheep clothing is the best analogy of the criminal mind for they are opportunists and predators that prey upon the unsuspecting and the innocent with their secret schemes and webs of deceit.

Despite this background by no means is my observation and technique perfect yet it has withstood the test of time and has led me to certain truths.

In the same way I know "out there" there are historians hunting for critical facts which would lead them to establish certain truths of the past with just fragmented investigative leads that reflect on matters of state and the human species.

When I first started to do this book it was my only intention to take my father's information, which I found to be in my opinion, "very important."

Then take this information and present these facts eventually to worthy historians of the Civil War Period. This in turn would help them to focus their search of this material, if they were looking for it, from say seven billion people down to a mere hundred or so.

So hopefully, this book was not done in vain for I still believe that the truth is "out there" regarding Abraham Lincoln's assassination chair and the contents of these original papers that have gone missing will ultimately be discovered by a professional historian with resolve, perseverance and persistent search techniques that will bring closure to this matter.

That was my intention in the beginning of this matter, which was to help future Civil War historians with clues and also to raise my father's spirits so that he felt he was still an integral part of society by contributing to society certain truths.

Yet as the facts were uncovered regarding the chair and papers and after going over my father's details, this book metamorphosized and took on a life of it's own.

All I did was just follow the facts whether fragmented or complete to where it led me and that was the Abraham Lincoln's assassination chair claimed to be held at the Henry Ford Museum with 100% certainty appears to be either deliberately or inadvertently misleading.

Therefore all I am doing is telling you another side of the story from my father's perspective about Abraham Lincoln's assassination chair, which appears to be totally contrary to what the public is being told by Henry Ford, or the Henry Ford Museum (Greenfield Village Museum).

In addition, I will further discuss original critical papers that my father was witness too that belonged to Abraham Lincoln which was read and taken and present to you what happened to these critical papers and who was last to be seen with them.

These papers, in my opinion, of what my father claims is quite different from what I was told or led to believe about Abraham Lincoln.

Though I am certain the historians know more of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War then I do, I will therefore accept their professional opinion of their interpretive significance of these papers in question in advance.

Yet despite that, I know firsthand in certain matters of state, that "We the People" are being deliberately misled to believe in many matters that is not the truth but rather being misled through deceit and treachery which is designed to serve a self-serving agenda of certain men and women's rein of power in high places.

So remember this book is not just about "The Chair" or "The Papers" but rather it is also a journey into the possible realm of deliberate deception to extract from the innocent their monetary resources and mislead them by setting up a false front of originality to serve one's self-serving agenda.

So whatever outcome this book will take, I must shortly thereafter depart from this sanitized version of "The Chair" being told to the American people since 1929 and return back to my real world of the devastated falsely accused and the "perfectly possessed" deceptive criminal savages.

That said, my father's story begins sometime around 1932 and according to my 98-year-old father, Edmond Ankony, he and his friends entered Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to look at the exhibits on display.

While visiting this museum they came across the Liberty Bell and studied it's history while touching the bell and it's famous crack.

While they were there and according to my father many of the items on display could be physically touched and handled without the presence of security to prevent it.

As they were enjoying the exhibits they came across the original Lincoln's chair (rocking chair) that Abraham Lincoln was sitting on when he was shot at the Ford Theater on Good Friday, April 14, 1865.

The exhibits had placards next to them stating that they were original so my father sat in the chair while his friends, Sammy and a person whom I must now call, Mr. X, looked and touched the display.

Mr. X then took pieces of the upholstery from the back outer side of the chair that had Abraham Lincoln's bloodstains on it (not the alleged hair oil as claimed on the back inner side) and put it in his pocket after all of them looked at it.

Then according to my father there were original Abraham Lincoln's handwritten papers on a table adjacent to Abraham Lincoln's chair, which they physically picked up to read. As they went through the letters, documents and open papers they came across three to five pages as told to me by my father that they read and found shocking, so much so, that my father's friend, Mr. X, tore out these three to five pages and placed them in his pocket as he left the premise.

Fast forward now, to around 1990, when I was starting a family tree of my mother and father's family line I began asking my father questions about the Great Depression and events he witnessed during that time period.

During the many private conversations I had with my father, we would discuss events like the Hindenburg crash, which he claims he witnessed shortly after the explosion.

Furthermore, he would tell me stories about buying moonshine in Kentucky and Tennessee and fishing for sharks off the Atlantic coast.

He further told stories of gangsters, baseball players and driving Ford trucks on just buttermilk.

He told me as a furnace man he worked on Henry Ford's furnace, I believe in the Dearborn area and was fortunate enough to meet Mrs. Ford and was shown a basement room that had 70 seats for viewing movies.

The stories my father told me I found fascinating and listened to them with great interest because I knew my father, as far as I was aware of, was the last of his family line and he was my last valid source of personal information regarding the Depression era.

It was during these conversations that my father gave spontaneous utterances, without being led, of Abraham Lincoln's assassination chair and his personal papers that he read and observed his friend take.

As time passed I asked my father why didn't he ever mention these critical three to five papers to Civil War historians that he read and were taken by his friend?

The reason being, my father stated, was he feared criminal reprisal for his friends because they were young at the time and should not have done what they did so he remained silent throughout the years.

Though I am not an historian, yet my past and present experience has taught me that "the truth" is critical in life for survival and as stated by the greatest of all beings, "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."

For in my life as a polygraph examiner I have always been in the pursuit of the truth to wherever it may lead me. Sometimes the truth was free and liberating while other times it was crushing and devastating.

So it is my desire that this book will hopefully show that I am just an investigator, whose love of my father and whose curiosity and investigative skills has forced me to delve deeper into this matter.

That said, it is also my sincere hopes and intentions by following investigative leads and collecting fragmented pieces of evidence will help to form a composite picture as if a crime scene to help me reach a correct diagnostic evaluation regarding the originality of "The Lincoln Chair" that has been at the Henry Ford Museum since 1929.

I also know that "Victory has a thousand fathers but defeat is an orphan.'

So I am prepared to be made a fool of and ostracized for it comes with the territory when seeking the truth. Yet I believe from the onset through intuition, observation, experience and common sense that victory is certain.

To me as a member of, "the working class" who has been controlled and forced to walk the earth beneath the scorching sun with my father, as a lowly beast of burden for "the powers" who rule here on terra firma truly believe that the only relief to those of us who can face it, is the truth, by whatever form or means it reveals itself to us, for the truth brings change.

For the truth is a weapon against "the powers", for they fear the light by cloaking themselves in darkness to conspire in secrecy.

So exposure of a perceived and possible established scam is worthy of pursuit even if it means mud will be thrown in my face.

That said, I realized certain things like this matter of the chair and the papers needed to be brought into the open from it's shrouded and dark history and reviewed with a clear mind in the public square.

To this end, I realized that my father, Edmond Ankony, now 98 years old had witnessed an event long ago that may be critical to historians or academia in general.

Still, I am uncertain if this book will be looked upon as "old news" or as being very significant with critical material.

For my father is the last of "the old ones" and his witnessing to this event that occurred at Independence Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania around 1932 is relevant to knowing Abraham Lincoln's true mindset and character at the time of the Civil War.

Moreover knowing the whereabouts of this original National Treasure, "The Chair", must be made known to the public for the preservation of American history and as a rallying point for "free men" whose ancestors had shed their blood on the fields of valor for preservation of the union.

Therefore, you be my judge, but remember I am but a messenger now for two kings of which one is my father and the other is President Abraham Lincoln. Surely both of them desire that the truth be known regarding Lincoln's original written papers he wrote of which my father seen and the positive identification of the real chair of which millions of Americans want to pay respect to be original!

Understand please, that my investigation will be always ongoing until absolute closure is made one way or the other.

"Fiat justitia ruat caelum"

Chapter One - the Henry Ford Museum

On April 15, 2015, my wife, Denise, and I were babysitting our grandson, Anthony when our daughter, the child's mother, Tracy, stated that Henry Ford's Greenfield Village Museum, Dearborn, Michigan was having a free entrance day for family and school children.

My wife and I decided to take our grandson there to look at the vintage cars and old machines from yesteryear and to further entertain the baby's insatiable curiosity for new things.

The day was beautiful, ceiling and visibility unlimited with plenty of sunshine as we drove into the Greenfield Village (a.k.a, the Henry Ford Museum) complex.

As we placed our 1 1/2 year old grandson in his stroller we observed numerous school buses of young children heading into the museum.

Everyone was laughing and it looked like a beautiful carefree day was in front of us. We figured we would push the child around in the stroller, then eat a couple of hotdogs and fries and hoped all the activity and action would put the baby boy to sleep for a few hours.

As we walked into the main entrance building and meandered our way through the crowd of laughing children, I could hear in the distance narrators discussing certain facts about an important apparent antique or historical display that everyone was observing.

As we made our way out of the corridor entrance to the main floor of displays we walked right smack into a display of a chair that was being given great fanfare and respect.

The place was surrounded by hundreds of people and a narrator was discussing the significance of the chair in question on display. As I approached the display I quickly realized as a retired Dearborn Police sergeant that the Dearborn Police and security officials were protecting the chair.

I further realized that my wife and I had walked into something inadvertently that was of great importance to everyone who gazed upon it as we listened to the narrator discuss its chronological history and important place in American history.

When I immediately gazed upon it, I thought I knew exactly what it was due to stories that I had heard in the past, yet I had to be certain.

Upon finding out that it was Abraham Lincoln's chair in which he was assassinated in it then became apparent why there was such a commotion being drawn to this artifact.

Moreover, I found out this was the 150 year anniversary of Lincoln's assassination and people have always held Abraham Lincoln on a pedestal as almost Godlike.

I, like so many Americans loved Lincoln and looked upon him as an honest and good man who did the right thing to the best of his ability and belief for his country and people.

At this time I went up as close as I could to the chair to take pictures with a low resolution phone camera but was quickly intercepted by security and told that I was too close and had to step back. So I stepped back and shot a few low quality pictures from afar and was mad at myself that I did not have my high resolution cameras from my polygraph and private eye businesses with me.

But how was I to know?

For it was just one of those things, you make due and like my excellent Marine Corps training in my past taught me, to improvise to your situation and make a decision, so I did, by gathering as much information as I could in light of my circumstances.

As I walked back to my original location I met a Dearborn Police officer and told him the story about the chair and how it has a different meaning to me as compared to other people.

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