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Anthony Tony Boy Boiardo

Newark, New Jersey Mobster

Genovese Crime Family

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In February 1970 syndicated columnist/investigative Labor reporter Victor Riesel (1913-1995) wrote that Ruggerio Richard Richie the Boot Boiardo (November 8, 1890-October 29, 1984), 79, operated a man eating incinerator on his Livingston, New Jersey estate. An aging Mafioso Boiardo had acquired his nickname during the 1920s era of bootlegging and Prohibition. He was a capo in the Genovese crime family from the 1920s era of Giusseppe Joe the Boss Masseria (1886-1931) until the 1970s.

Tall with dark hair and brown eyes Richard Boiardo was born in Naples, Italy. He immigrated to the United States as a boy in 1895. In June 1917 he was married with two children. Employed as a mason by Joseph Peppi, of 71 Madison Street, Newark, Boiardo worked on Nicholas Street. His residence was 94 Nassau Street, Newark.

By 1920, age 27, Richie had moved to Wassan Street in Newark. He operated a bakery. His wife, Jennie (1895-) two daughters, Agnes (1914-) and Mary (1919-) and son, Tony (1914-1978), lived with him.

Figure 1 Richie the Boot Boiardo Ruggerio’s son became Mafioso Anthony Tony Boy Boiardo (September 1, 1914-May 1978). During his lifetime the younger Boiardo profited by millions of dollars from his father’s criminal empire. Tony lived on an estate in posh Essex Falls. In 1969 it was valued at $133,000.

Father and son worked in consort for years. In 1963 federal agents bugged one of their many notorious conversations. Anthony Boiardo told one of his associates how he and The Boot had dealt with one of their victims. The Boot hit him with a hammer. The guy goes down and he comes up. So I got a crow bar this big…eight shots in the head. What do you think he finally said to me? He spit at me and said you (obscene). Among Tony Boiardo’s most intimate underworld connections were Angelo Gyp DeCarlo (1902-1973) and Simone Rizzo Sam the Plumber DeCavalcante (1912-1997).

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