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Joey Glimco

Chicago Teamster

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Joseph Paul Joey Glimco (January 14, 1909-April 29, 1991) was born in Salerno, Italy in 1909. The son of street laborer Tony (1881-) and Rosie Glimco (1884-), he immigrated to the United States as a child. Joey’s siblings were Willie (1903-), Tony (1905-), Frank (1910-), Johnnie (1915-), Jimmie (1917-), Rosie (1918-) and Charley (1920-). In 1920 the Glimco family lived at 255 24th Place, Chicago.

On November 17, 1932 Joey was denied naturalization as a United States citizen because of his poor character. He was refused citizenship a second time on July 6, 1939, again because of his notoriety. Despite the thirty-four arrests on his record Glimco was granted American naturalization in June 1943. Notwithstanding the offenses on his police blottter Joey had served no jail time. Over the years he had been charged with assault with an auto, larceny, disorderly conduct, vagrancy, murder, attempted murder and robbery with a gun.

By 1943 Glimco held the position of assistant business agent for the Taxicab Drivers Union Local 777 of Chicago. The labor organization was affiliated with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

In the spring of 1959 Joey Glimco appeared before the Senate Select Committee in his capacity as head of the Taxicab Drivers, Maintenance and Garage Helpers Local Union 777, International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Senate Committee Chairman, Arkansas Democrat John Little McCllellan (1896-1977), described Glimco as a one-time newsstand operator who became a $20,000 a year executive through the medium of labor unions. A committee investigator revealed that Glimco maintained regular contacts with organized crime figures in Chicago. McClellan vowed to prove that Glimco had used his underworld connections to muscle into Local 777 and the Chicago produce market.

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