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Intimate Times With Jesus

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Never Alone:

Intimate Times With Jesus

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Never Alone: Intimate Times With Jesus is first dedicated to those who have already experienced the profound messages and peace found while personally spending quality time with God and the Scriptures.

Secondly, it is dedicated to all who seek to apply the message of this book to their spiritual walk and growth in our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Finally, to all nature lovers who appreciate and seek to properly use and preserve God's creation that He prepared for mankind, this is also dedicated to you.


First, to Almighty God: To Him be all glory and praise for the blessings, gifts, and wisdom He has given me to witness through writing and poetry. I am humbled by the many inspirations given to me and pray they are conveyed clearly and are spiritually-nourishing to those who read them.

Secondly, to my daughter, Angela R. Edwards: She has allowed God to use her talents. As CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and Publisher of Pearly Gates Publishing, LLC, she always produces my writings to perfection. I truly thank God for YOU!


The thought and desire to write another book was not on my agenda; however, God had other plans. He has gifted and blessed me in so many ways, it is hard not to write and encourage others. Inspiration for Never Alone: Intimate Times With Jesus comes from many sources: my family background, love of nature and God's creation in general, as well as many hours alone spent reading, singing, and remembering days gone by.

As someone attending church since infancy and my mother being a soloist and Senior Choir President, I, as a child, accompanied her to many rehearsals and events. My memory overflows with hymns, gospel, and spiritual songs - and each of my books includes a few. I was even inspired to write a poem entitled Songs in the Night that is found in my first book, Spiritual Growth: From Milk to Strong Meat.

To share more about my country girl farm life:

  • My mother sewed, crocheted, and canned the foods raised or purchased for the Winter.

  • My father grew a variety of vegetables to include beans, onions, cabbage, lettuce, and okra to name a few.

  • Uncle Harry lived on an apple and peach orchard farm, and I still remember the tasty, fresh fruits and apple cider in the Fall.

  • Uncle Leon lived on a dairy farm, and there was always fresh milk to take home with cream floating on the top when we visited.

  • Uncle Clarence was a mechanic and became a minister who our former pastor, Rev. Richard W. Jones, knew in Cape May, New Jersey.

  • Aunt Jennie was married to Uncle Herman Williams, and he worked at a butcher meat-packing house. He would come butcher our hogs and have their meat smoked. The smell was awesome when the meat came home to hang in our cellar.

I love animals, especially dogs, and have made "pets" of many of God's creatures. I enjoy the colorful birds chirping as they greet me in the morning and, as well, before they turn in for the night. Colorful butterflies flit among the blossoms, and woodpeckers run up and down tree limbs while enjoying the suet I put out in the Winter. As a child, I made pets of almost anything, including a large, white leghorn hen named "Beducks" that would lay double-yolk eggs on a regular basis.

My current yard has seen deer, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, wild turkeys, turtles, opossum, and even baby skunks!

One day, I was looking out the kitchen window and saw a black bird perched on the edge of the basin of water set out for them to drink. He seemed intent on drinking; however, a few moments later, he lifted up his head and in his mouth was a piece of bread that had hardened in the sun. That smart bird had the sense to soften the bread with water, as he then placed it on the ground and bit it into small pieces so he could eat! Just think: Growing up, people were teased about being a 'bird brain'! Well, that bird seemed very intelligent to me! God's Word tells us that He provides food for the birds, so why not mankind?


There is a hymn I learned as a child written by Cecil Frances Alexander. The title is All Things Bright and Beautiful. It starts with singing the refrain:


All things bright and beautiful,

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