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William Bufalino

Detroit Teamster

and Jimmy Hoffa’s Lawyer

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Detroit Teamster official William Eugene Bufalino (April 13, 1918-May 12, 1990) was born in Pittston, Pennsylvania. He was the son of grocery merchant T. Salvatore Sam Bufalino (1868-1936) and Louise Galante. William is the cousin of Buffalo, New York mobster Russell A. Bufalino, aka McGee and the Old Man

As a child William lived with his parents and seven siblings on East Railroad Street in Pittstown’s Ward 10. A former candidate for the Roman Catholic priesthood, he changed to law school after two years. In 1942 he earned a degree from the Dickinson School of Law.

Before entering private practice Bufalino served as a U.S. Army Judge’s Advocate. On April 28, 1945 Bufalino, 22, wed Marie Antoinette Meli Panzicca (1923-2002) in Royal Oak, Michigan. William lived at 432 Saddle Lane in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

A former jukebox distributor Bufalino rose to the top of Detroit Teamsters Jukebox Local 985. After joining the Teamsters in 1947 Bufalino befriended International Brotherhood of Teamsters President James Riddle Jimmy Hoffa. Before throwing in with the Teamsters Bufalino was associated with reputed mobster John Papa John Prizola (1893-). A narcotics dealer Prizola operated Bilvin Distributing Company in Detroit.

On April 14, 1959 William Bufalino accused U.S. Senate Investigators of tarnishing his name. Linked with Detroit mobsters Bufalino opposed an effort to spin a web of infamy about him. I intend to file a petition for redress of grievances to the Senate!, the Teamster’s official protested. He addressed the Senate Rackets Committee and its chief counsel Robert Francis Bobby Kennedy (1925-1968). Having uncovered Bufalino’s ties to Prizola, a U.S. Senate investigator discovered that multiple Bilvin’s outlets were Mafia run. Testimony in the hearings began on April 7th.

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