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Francis Two-Gun Crowley

Nassau County, New York Police Killer

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From a rooming house window Francis Two Gun Crowley (October 31, 1911-January 21, 1932) tossed back bombs that police had thrown inside. The cop killer was captured in one of the most thrilling police operations in New York history. Only twenty years old Crowley was on his way to the electric chair by the quickest possible route.

Having sustained two wounds, one in each leg, and another in his wrist, he was rushed by ambulance from Bellevue Hospital to Nassau County Hospital in Mineola. The wounds resulted from a blazing gun battle with police on the evening of Thursday, May 7, 1931. Physicians predicted Crowley would heal quickly.

A hastily convened grand jury indicted the murderer at 10:30 a.m. It charged him with the May 6, 1931 slaying of Nassau County Patrolman Frederick Hirsch (1900-1931). The policeman was shot as he approached a car on an isolated road, Black Shirt Lane, in North Merrick, Long Island. Fred Hirsch lived at 305 Hicks Street in Hempstead, Long Island. He was the son of shipping clerk Charles S. Hirsch (1847-1908) and Ida H. Hirsch of 19 115 Street, Manhattan. Fred’s wife was Freda Hirsch (1900-1998).

Crowley was indicted after his sixteen-year-old girlfriend, Helen Marie Walsh (1914-1990), testified. The teenager was captured with him. Newspapers referred to Walsh as Crowley’s one-day bride. A tentative date for the trial was set for Monday, May 17th. This date had been contemplated even before police staged a surprise attack on the uptown Manhattan apartments.

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