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Abraham Hicks

By Dr. Ruth Carr

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Table of Contents

Introduction To The Life Of Esther Hicks

The Teachings of Abraham Hicks

Who or What Is Abraham Hicks

Esther Hicks and “The Secret”

What is The Law of Attraction?

The Main Principles of Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Teachings

Abraham-Hicks Workshops

Abraham-Hicks Marketing Materials

Jerry Hicks’ Death

Abraham Hicks Step 4 Approach


Introduction To The Life Of Esther Hicks

The master motivational speaker and spiritual channeler now known as Abraham Hicks was born Esther Weaver on March 5, 1948 in Coalville, Utah. Her parents, Henry “Bill” Emerson Weaver and Ruth Blazzard Weaver raised Esther and her sisters Jeanne and Rebecca Weaver in Layton, Utah.

Contrary to the life of blissful luxury Esther Hicks currently enjoys, she was once a smalltime girl. While she was enthralled in the effects of easygoing Rocky Mountain living, Esther says she “never really thought about things too deeply”. It’s amazing to think that the host of hundreds of life-changing presentations didn’t always view life from the supernatural perspective we see today.

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