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The Mafia, the NYPD and

the Murder of

Gambler Herman Rosenthal

Published by Robert Grey Reynolds Jr. at Smashwords

Copyright 2017 by Robert Grey Reynolds Jr.

Just before his execution on Monday, April 13, 1914 Francesco Dago Frank Cirofici (1886-1914) confessed the details of New York gambler Herman M. Beansie Rosenthal’s murder. Cirofici was a significant member of Big Jack Zelig’s (born Selig Harry Lefkowitz, 1888-1912) Jewish gang. In July 1912 he was persuaded to murder Rosenthal (1874-1912) by New York Police Department Lieutenant Charles Becker (1873-1915), of West 142nd Street. Becker ran a protection racket for New York City gangs.

By the summer of 1912 Russian-born Rosenthal was a desperate, depressed individual. In constant fear of assassination, he had already survived one attempt to kill him. With his gambling business insolvent he fingered Ohio born NYPD Lieutenant Becker. In other words he told details of a corrupt police protection racket in New York City. Herman Rosenthal’s demise altered the course of operation for the Jewish Mafia.

His story represented the word of a single smalltime gambler against an impregnable force, i.e. the New York Police Department. The gambler’s assertions were vague and lacked any corroboration from other witnesses.

Following seemingly endless persuasion from Rosenthal one reporter took notice of his charges. The writer’s name was Herbert Bayard Swope Sr. (1882-1958). His employer was the New York World published by Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1911). Swope won the first Pulitzer Prize for reporting. Eventually he became a three-time recipient of the award. Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Lord Northcliffe (1865-1922), of the London Daily Mail, called Swope the greatest reporter of his time.

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