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Louis Pioggi

New York City

Gang Leader

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Louis Pioggi (also Poggi, April 24, 1889-May 15, 1969), aka Louis the Lump, acquired his nickname because of his short, thickset frame. He had dark brown hair and eyes. As late as mid 1912 Pioggi was the only New York City gang leader who could boast that he had actually murdered a rival gang leader. A fugitive from justice at the time he awaited a seven to twelve year sentence upon his capture. 22 years old, Pioggi had shot and killed Max Zweifach, aka Kid Twist, at Coney Island on May 14, 1908.

The motive behind Kid Twist’s slaying involved a dive that eventually became a Chinese barber shop. It was located at 16 Pell Street in the central part of the Chinese quarter of New York City. A week before his assassination Kid Twist and Sirocco became embroiled in a dispute over money. This led to a breakup of their combination. Every Italian member of Kid Twist’s organization left to join forces with the Sirocco gang. The Jews in Kid Twist’s organization remained loyal to him.

Suddenly the Sirocco/Paul Kelly and Kid Twist gangs became mortal enemies. There was a confrontation between the gangs on Surf Avenue in front of a soda water stand. Both sides drew their revolvers and when the smoke had diminished Kid Twist lay dead on the sidewalk. The enemies of the Five Points’ gang were intimidated. For some time the Zelig gang avoided territory frequented by the Siroccos and their followers. The Sirocco gang was based at the Chatham Club, a sleazy Chinatown establishment. Jack Pioggi’s saloon on Doyers Street was another dive patronized by the Siroccos.

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