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The Bright Gold Tornado

When I was eleven, I looked across the water of our harbor and wanted to do more than just explore its edges. I swam regularly at the many beaches that surrounded my house and loved them all. But now I wanted to move across the surface of the water, to battle waves and wind, and to penetrate the mystery the distant view offered. I was no sailor, so the solution had to be a canoe, but approaching my father was never easy. His reaction could be one of amused acquiescence, or with the wave of a spread-eagled hand with two foreshortened fingers, total dismissal.

This time I gained approval. Early one Saturday morning, with the for-sale pages of the newspaper as a tablecloth, we read and ate in unison, circling likely prospects. Some were eliminated on price, some on area and some after a quick phone call. By the end of breakfast, we had our short list.

The first two were quickly rejected by dad, who had an expert eye for deficient woodwork, and neither had really impressed themselves on me. The third was instant love and I hovered around the canoe while dad checked the top, the bottom, the sides, the insides, and turned it over and back again. My mind had already filled with imagined journeys, picnics on strange beaches, a hot thermos nestled in the bow of my canoe. This hand built craft was unusual in that it had a wide beam and would be more stable than most, ideal for my match with the elements.

Dad looked up and offered a price that was refused. Then he picked up the little hand-crafted trailer.

“Is this going with it?”

The other of the two men determining my fate nodded. Dad offered another price and I glanced between them, air diffusing unassisted into my lungs.

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