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The Hepatic Option

My Hypothesis questioning, “The Hepatic Option”, based on my forty years experiences regarding my own never medically addressed and never medically treated manifestation of Alcohol Induced Hepatic Cirrhosis. My experiences intern spawning and driving my highly credible suspicions, in essence, perhaps not all Liver Transplants deemed as medically necessary by medical community opinion, solely the only real option available for remedial solution within some severe manifestations of Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis.

My strait speaking reasons driving my “Hepatic Option” Hypothesis, questioning Liver Transplanting as an only viable remedial option within all Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis manifestation. My direct speaking is not intended as an assault upon medical community dedication and overall competence, however such strait speaking, the only path available in any quest of knowledge, opinion and truth.

One main supporting pillar of my “Hepatic Option” Hypotheses, questioning if all medical liver transplanting decisions, being solely the only option in every case circumstance for the control or remediation of severe Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis. My past experiences of totally failed medical community prowess in cirrhosis matters suggesting, if Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis is not correctly metabolically viewed and understood as its very own distinct model of metabolic function/dysfunction by medical community and within medical training, such as presently the medical status quo, patient cirrhosis symptoms complaints, some, brutally sever and chronic, intern creating chaos and confusion within medical communities, such symptoms making no sense to impotently hepatic cirrhosis trained Physicians, intern spawning medical failure, summary medical dismissal and egregious medical material patient abandonment.

My fundamental question surrounding, metabolic symptoms remediation or acceptable good control of Alcohol Induced Hepatic Cirrhosis, “how can a most prudent possible medical community decision be reached, if in the total vacuum absence of knowledgeable metabolic hepatic cirrhosis control understandings? My four decades experiences sadly and regrettably validating such metabolic control knowledge as systemically pervasively absent and completely foreign within and throughout medical communities.” Manifestations such as my own forty years sever manifestations of Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis proving effectively controllable, but not easily controlled, requiring complex metabolic cirrhosis understandings, enormous personal commitment of effort and time periods, as measured in lifetimes. However good control is in fact possible, as demonstrated by my own case circumstances, myself medically abandoned and totally without choice, subsequently in self defence of my own life, personally unmasking my effective hepatic cirrhosis control understandings, solely alone and by self, my such control accomplishment suggesting similar possibility by others.

Medical Communities plainly do not fundamentally understand metabolic Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis control and hence have little practical understandings of potential effective control possibilities. It is my firm personal belief, Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis is its own distinctly separate model of metabolic function/dysfunction of human metabolic function/dysfunction, and definitely can not be appropriately viewed as a disease driven variation of the normal metabolic human hepatic function/dysfunction model. Convincingly the only metabolic hepatic model medically recognized, medically understood and medically embraced is solely the one traditional model of human hepatic metabolic function/dysfunction. My experiences suggest, truly existing a distinctly alternate separate second model of metabolic function/dysfunction within Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis, such unknown and un embraced model, even though a dysfunctional metabolic model in itself, nevertheless, because this second cirrhosis model is essentially permanent, following its very own predictably dysfunctional metabolic rules, and for most part irreversible, such second metabolic cirrhosis model therefore requiring its viewing and its understanding as its own distinctly separate model and not viewed a disease driven deviation from the one and only traditional metabolic hepatic model.

An additional pillar supporting my questioning of Hepatic Option Hypothesis, I attribute to the existing pervasive and complete status quo failure of hepatic cirrhosis control understandings by medical communities, failure of required appropriate Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis control, strategy and process. However absolutely indispensable in effectively controlling Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis, the cirrhosis sufferers themselves, required tirelessly, perpetually and vigorously taking on such control responsibility of their own disease and symptoms control. It is my opinion that appropriate medical knowledge and oversight must come from a properly informed medical community, however in order to effectively control alcohol hepatic cirrhosis, the cirrhosis sufferer must commit themselves to around the clock day in and day out control conduct, perhaps forever in time, or alcohol hepatic cirrhosis will be impossible to control, a great commitment and a great deal of endless work, but just think of it, what is life worth, and furthermore, where else can one buy ongoing life so cheaply, and however again we arrive at existing vacancies of appropriate Hepatic Cirrhosis Control knowledge?

I have found my own very sever manifestation of Alcohol Induced Hepatic Cirrhosis, consistently brutally present throughout my previous forty years, however impossible for me to control, previously for many years impossible to control because of non-existing control understandings. However even with my later extensive achieved personal control understandings, many, many years were required, ever so slowly improving my overall health status, but life is life and good life is a good deal. I recognize that my partnership with my Cirrhosis control will endure to my final days, the price of my past inappropriate behaviour of youth.

I have unmasked a great deal of the fundamental, practical and associative disease understandings of Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis manifestation, such understandings never previously available to myself from any medical community of my access, and such absence still appearing the status quo reality within medical communities. Educating the medical communities in appropriate hepatic cirrhosis control understandings appearing to me as the greater of challenge at hand in controlling Alcohol Induced Hepatic Cirrhosis.

Sever manifestations of Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis will produce enormous quantities of truly brutal, metabolic dysfunction, physical dysfunction and neurological dysfunction symptoms, such appearing to untrained Physicians as scary, alarming, brutal and unmanageable. However with proper control and procedural effort, slow and sustained incremental symptoms improvements are possible. My forty years Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis experiences of my futile attempts at finding knowledgeable medical guidance and medical treatment from medical communities, all in vain, as medical communities systematically demonstrating little interest, and little to totally absence of cirrhosis control understandings. Again reinforcing my well-founded Hypothesis suspicion, currently existing a non-medically embraced second possibility hepatic option for acceptable remediation control in some cases.

Regardless of hepatic cirrhosis chosen decision options, the liver within alcohol cirrhosis manifestations must at high cost if necessary, be protected from toxic assault upon the livers remaining capacity. This protection effort of the liver is absolutely essential, as further degradation is easily possible from environmental occurring toxicity, the more obvious alcohol and gas, solvents organic vapours toxicity, and especially insidiously from hidden dietary toxicity. Dietary toxicity especially insidious, as even though vitamin (A) and vitamin (E) amongst others, problematically deficient and academically desirable in cirrhosis circumstances, nevertheless extremely liver toxic within cirrhosis circumstances, such insidious because hidden and unrecognized as dangerous, examples, benignly in dairy milk that babies drink, tomatoes, nuts and many vitamin fortified foods. One of my key indicators of excessive dietary toxicity content conduct, subtle initial feelings of discomfort in the area of my liver, in which cases I immediately review my most recent dietary conduct, and correcting my perceived toxicity issue, my standard goal, my liver must remain comfortable and without complaint, otherwise liver degradation occurring. Absolutely imperative, liver toxicity issues must be fully implemented, recognized and understood by all parties in cirrhosis circumstances for hope of preventing further liver decent.

The true status quo circumstances, physicians systemically incompetent in hepatic control understandings, Physicians confronted by extremely complex and totally not understood alcohol hepatic cirrhosis symptoms, such Physicians absences of cirrhosis control possibilities with absence of belief in possible control efficacy credibility, solely considering one option, Liver Transplant, totally unaware, failing to consider the possibility of the control option. The Hepatic Option Hypothesis only dealing with one specific issue, perceived medical community decision capability, Liver Transplant option or Control option of alcohol hepatic cirrhosis, all other fundamental understandings of alcohol liver cirrhosis are contained else ware throughout Billy Oxkidd’s writings.

The alcohol hepatic cirrhosis understandings, I personally developed, unmasked and adapted for controlling my own brutal, never medically addressed cirrhosis manifestation, can be found throughout my various e book titles, by Author, “Billy Oxkidd”, in particular within titles, “My Liver Cirrhosis Journal” and “Principles Of Hepatic Cirrhosis”, by “Billy Oxkidd”, key word (Oxkidd).

Controlling manifestations of Alcohol Hepatic Cirrhosis requiring both highly specific associative practical understandings and enormous commitment of time and effort, a great deal of endless perpetual work, but what is life worth, that is the measure of such worthiness.

Author, Billy Oxkidd

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