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Thomas Lucchese

Dress Manufacturer and Mafioso

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Testifying before a United States Senate Investigative Committee on October 1, 1963 Mafia informant Joseph Michael Joe Cargo Valachi (1904-1971) said that he was recruited into the Cosa Nostra by Girolamo Santuccio. It was in late 1929 that the Mafioso had promised him riches without having to rob for it.

Also known as Bobby Doyle, Santuccio was a Stamford, Connecticut businessman. Valachi believed Santuccio was responsible for three 1930 murders that touched off a nationwide gangland bloodbath.

By the time Valachi testified Santuccio had been living in Hartford for some years. However he had no police record there. An Associated Press story stated that Hartford Police Chief John Joseph Kerrigan (1915-2000) knew of the gangster’s whereabouts but planned no action against him.

On November 5, 1930 Girolamo Santuccio and a young accomplice, Buster from Chicago (1910-1933), shot and killed two men from the window of a Bronx apartment. Manifredi Alfred Al Mineo (1880-1930) and Stefano Steve Ferrigno (1900-1930), the assassin’s victims, were bosses of the rival Giuseppe Joe the Boss Masseria (1886-1931) gang.

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