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Ciro Terranova

Sicilian Mobster

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Ciro the Artichoke King Terranova* (July 20, 1889-February 20, 1938) was a New York City hoodlum and an underboss with the Giuseppe the Clutch Hand Morello (1867-1930) crime family. Originally from Corleone, Provincia di Palermo, Sicily, the Terranova family relocated to New York City on May 26, 1893. Departing from Naples, Italy the Terranovas sailed to America on the ship Kronprinz Friedrich Wilhelm.

The future artichoke merchant, Ciro, his father, Nicola (Morello) (1868-), mother, four sisters and two brothers, Vincenzo Vincent the Tiger (1886-1922) and Nicolo Nicholas (1890-1916), rendezvoused with their half brother, Giuseppe Joseph Morello.

The Terranova family moved to Louisiana due to lack of work. Their father planted sugar cane there before moving on to Bryan, Texas where the family picked cotton. They returned to New York City in 1896.

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