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Salvatore D’Aquila

First Gambino Family Boss

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Born in Palermo, Italy Salvatore D’Aquila (November 9, 1877-October 10, 1928) was the first head of what has become the Gambino crime family. He arrived in New York aboard the ship Regina D’Italia on March 22, 1910. Salvatore was naturalized a U.S. citizen in New York City on April 9, 1926. He was married to Marianna Mary D’Aquilla (1885-1946). D’Aquila was an extremely intelligent man who took advantage of the opportunity to lead the American Mafia in the early Prohibition era.

D’Aquila’s World War I Draft Registration Card tells us that in September 1918 he lived at 228 York Street in Brooklyn. He was self-employed and ran his own business at 341 Washington Street, Brooklyn. Of medium height and stout build Salvatore had brown eyes and black hair.

Cosca, the Sicilian word for plant, is also used as a synonym for Mafia crime family. In the late 1920s Salvatore Maranzano was consigliere of the Schiro cosca, based mostly in Manhattan. Salvatore D’Aquila headed a second cosca in Harlem. The third, led by Giuseppe Masseria, was comprised largely of what remained of Giuseppe Morello’s cosca. It was centered in Harlem and Lower Manhatt

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