Excerpt for What Was Mohammed Really Like? "Killing is a Small Matter for us.. The Messenger of Allah Commanded All the Jewish Men.. be Beheaded.. The Disturbing Truth About His Life of Violence, Sex & Spiritism by
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What was Mohammed really like? "killing is a small matter for us… The Messenger of Allah commanded all the Jewish men… be beheaded... The disturbing truth about his life of violence, sex & spiritism

Copyright 2017 by Abe Abel & Sol Solomon, all rights reserved

This book is part of a series entitled "The Fall of Islam", which examines controversial issues connected with the religion from an informed rational point of view. Each part of the series is available as a separate e-book and the whole content can be got in our book Islamic Apocalypse. Also available is a more concise multi-media edition called; Sorry! Islam is not a religion of peace and here's why in its own words, which includes a wealth of hyperlinks to news stories, official reports, videos and other fascinating web-pages, giving access to a whole library of information.

If you find this book interesting we recommend you also read Part Four which has more about how Mohammed received the Koran and Part Seven which looks at the pagan roots of Islam.

The Fall of Islam: Series List

00 The Fall of Islam; Series Overview - "torment is going to overtake the infidels... terrorize them ... make war on them... kill them until all religion is for Allah", The Hidden Dark Side of Islam exposed in its own words

01 An Introduction to Islam & Sharia - "kill him who does it and him to whom it is done... Circumcision is obligatory... by cutting out the clitoris", includes Sharia vs Human Rights, an Article by Article comparison of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and relevant Sharia Laws

02 Islamic Beliefs - "men are in charge over women... as for those from whom you fear disobedience... beat them... for they are like domestic animals... " misogyny, sex-slavery, anti-Semitism, tactical lying, terrorism and jihad

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