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The Murder of Gangster

Roger the Terrible Touhy

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Copyright 2016 by Robert Grey Reynolds Jr.

On Friday evening, December 18, 1959 Chicago detectives arrested Marshall Caifano in the Mafia murder of gangster Roger the Terrible Touhy (September 18, 1898-December 16, 1959). A young blood in the crime syndicate established by Alphonse Gabriel Al Capone (1899-1947) in the early 1930s, Caifano was taken to the Austin district West Side Police station.

He was questioned by Captain Russell F. Corcoran (1910-1977). The officer was head of the district where Touhy was gunned down in a hail of shotgun bullets.Touhy’s bodyguard, Walter Campbell Miller, 62, was wounded by gunfire in a violent exchange that killed the mobster.

Miller was the son of Joseph and Susie W. Pane Miller. Joseph immigrated to America from Baden, Germany in 1869. Self-employed he worked in the coal and wood industry. When Walter Miller was twelve he lived with his parents and siblings on Armitage Avenue in Chicago.

The bodyguard believed Roger Touhy was assassinated through fear. Somebody might have to make adjustments in their lives since Rog is out, he said. Miller spoke to reporters from a hospital bed in Loretto, Illinois.

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