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Elon Musk

By: J.T. Owens

Copyright 2018 J.T. Owens

Dedicated to all our children

Past... Present... and Future


1. The Early Years

2. The Meaning of Life

3. First Principles

4. Coming to Canada

5. Down in the Valley

6. The Internet

7. Zip2

8. PayPal

9. Mars Oasis

10. Why Space?

11. SpaceX

12. Climate Roulette

13. Tesla

14. The Plan

15. SolarCity

16. All Systems are Go!

17. Roadster

18. Hard Times

19. For Starters

20. NeXt

21. Electrifying

22. In the Loop

23. Getting Personal

24. Falcons and Dragons

25. Dawn of a New Era

26. Innovation

27. Summoning the Demon

28. SkyNet

29. Life on Mars

30. The Trip

31. Autopilot

32. Charged

33. Goin Giga

34. The Machine

35. Production

36. Synergy

37. Good Company

38. Government

39. The Market

40. Das Model

41. Civilization

42. Things to Come..

The Early Years

Hi I'm Elon Musk, I currently run Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, the Boring Company, and I'm co-chairman of OpenAI. I was trying to think what the most useful thing is that I can say to be useful to you in the future. I'm surprised by the whole thing honestly. I certainly didn't expect any of these things to happen. And I often find myself wondering, how did this happen? I guess I'll just tell you the story of how I came to be here, the various things that I did and maybe why I did them. Maybe there are lessons there. Hopefully, that's a bit helpful.

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