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Jigsaw Puzzle Series - EAT

(Volume 6 – Employment Appeal Tribunal)

Iam Betterman

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The Publisher and Author shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or organization with respect to any loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by the information contained in this book. The purpose of these series is to document 24 years of abuse, to educate and entertain. This book is sold with the understanding that the Publisher and Author are not involved in offering legal, or psychological services. It presents authentic correspondence for which the Government, Police and The Crown did not find anything wrong within it.

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Dedicated to all good, hardworking, friendly and honest people of the world, and to all the victims of abuse. With love and hopes for their good health, freedom, justice, peace and happiness.

All documents in the Jigsaw Puzzle Series are truly authentic and in their original form (only names of the victims were removed or masked).

All documents in this volume have been written straight from the heart, brain, gut, mind and body.

Each individual letter has been written in one go, in the shortest period of time possible, without thinking and re-reading, therefore without grammar, spelling and other checks. The principle was to Immediatelly get rid of the strong and disturbing thoughts, feelings and mental and body pains in order to protect the body, brain and mind from another stroke, panic attack or nervous breakdown.

All letters and statements are an effect of one or more causes which are either current or past, direct or indirect, active or passive.

Our victim has suffered twenty four years of degrading and inhumane treatment, and since return of the original illness is mainly in a state of shock, mental trauma, mental coma, hypnotic and meditative trance, awaking into our reality only to write and send another cry for help.

Our victim is currently awaiting responses from EAT, Secretary of State and Her Majesty the Queen.

The Volume 6 of the Tribunal Services case 3303263/2013

The matter that is of utmost emergency and importance for the Royal Family therefore must be seen and evaluated in the full and unrestricted version by the Royal Family and The Crown.”

27 July 2015

To Secretary of State

Please find this integrated document to assist you with the Application for Investigation of irregularities and extreme abuse by British Airways, lawyers representing British Airways, Tribunal Services (ET and EAT) and the Ombudsman.”

25 July 2015

To the case manager in EAT case

Please find the email, this integrated document and three medical attachments. Please deal direct with offices of Secretary of the State and The Royal Family. I presented my case the best I could. I also filled in all forms that I could manage, and I paid all the fees that were requested. Please investigate, take actions and deliver my compensation without my further involvement in this case.”

Chapter 1 – Present-day, 18 August 2015


Date: Monday, 17 August 2015, 16:26

To: Secretary of State, HMCTS

Subject: Re: 3303263/2013 and UKEATPA/0048/15/DA

Dear Secretary of State Mr Michael Gove

Your response is very strange as it does not deal with any of my submitted evidence, questions, accusations, charges and requirements.

You as well deliberately opted to ignore my Volume 6 evidence and instead of dealing with crimes, conspiracy, irregularities and anomalies of Tribunal Services you are simply repeating their statements, which were not relevant to issues raised and addressed.

I will honour my 42 days deadline, issued last month, for the full review and revision of my original case and the Judgement, and if compensation is not delivered within that period all Government institutions, the State and The Crown will be considered guilty on all stated accounts and charges, and your response which does not relate to any of raised issues will be taken as pleading guilty to all charges.

You are already aware that the latest damages are direct consequence of individual and cumulative errors from the past 24 years, therefore "all charges" are not limited only to evidence from Volumes 1 to 6, all charges are as per all evidence presented in the last 24 years.

British Airways, their representatives, Tribunal Services and departments contacted in recent years were fully aware of that evidence and warned many times about damages. If full case related compensation is not delivered I demand minimum 24 years of imprisonment for all involved individuals and proportionate compensation from their organisations and owners.

Yours sincerely


Date: Wednesday, 05 August 2015, 12:26

From: Secretary of State, HMCTS

Subject: Re: 3303263/2013 and UKEATPA/0048/15/DA

Dear Mr

Thank you for your emails of 8 and 27 July to Michael Gove as Secretary of State for Justice about the tribunal case you were involved in. I have been asked to reply.

I appreciate that you remain unhappy with the outcome of the case. As James Rea explained in his email of 23 June, government ministers cannot intervene in individual cases. Mr Gove cannot therefore comment on your case or compel a judge to reconsider your case in the way that you would like.

I note your concern that the judge who heard your case also considered your appeal. If reconsideration is sought then it will be considered by the employment judge who heard the case, who may confirm, vary or revoke the judgment. I note your view that having the judge reconsider their own judgment may effect their decision. However, the original judge would have all the background information necessary to consider an application brought. This also does not mean that the claimant would forfeit the right to appeal to the employment appeal tribunal if they feel that the law has not been correctly applied or the tribunal’s judgment was unreasonable.

I hope my reply is helpful.

Lauren Hood | HM Courts & Tribunals Service Customer Service Team


Date: Monday, 27 July 2015, 10:47

To: Secretary of State, HMCTS

Copy: Local MP, Police Chief Constable

Subject: Re: 3303263/2013 and UKEATPA/0048/15/DA

Dear Secretary of State

In addition to my communications sent to you on 16 May 2015, 02 June 2015 and 08 July 2015:

Attached email with four very recent documents (all sent to EAT on 25 July 2015) are very small selections of correspondence, events and issues from the last 24 years.

The system ignored all my correspondences from the period 1991 to 1994, and as result I had a stroke and a nervous breakdown in January 1994, which triggered years of severe panic attacks, IBS

and many other physical and psychological illnesses and disorders (all documented, presented in full in 2004 and 2007).

All related medical evidence, correspondences and campaigns were further ignored by the system until year 2000 when actions from Lord Chris Smith and Secretary of State Barbara Roche opened the doors for recovery.

Unfortunately, the system failed again to take necessary and requested steps to aid and complete that recovery, resulting in my further health related actions in 2004 when I tried to take to High Court the system and responsible government's representatives (been sabotaged, my application was rejected in very suspicious way).

Continuation of my health problems, my ever growing inability to work and to have a normal personal, professional and family life resulted in my case before European Court of Human Rights (that was another sabotage and cover up, also very well documented and explained at the time, and on many occasions after that).

All my correspondences with the system (government, departments, representatives etc.) were health related, with no other issues and agendas (at any point in the past, as well as now).

In the process I pointed to many other anomalies and manipulations (again all related to my life and my health), exposing the government mistakes, but also manipulations by companies like Watford Electronics, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank, local MP David Wilshire etc. (all that was done few years before all these were found guilty of many irregularities).

In the most recent case I pointed to many irregularities within British Airways Plc and Tribunal Services, which the system ignored completely (over few years period).

My attachment are showing that I am unable to work and as a result in ESA support group (DWP letter); that I am very ill and disabled (recent and previous medical reports), that I absolutelly can not handle any issues, requirements, delays, manipulations, that I have exceeded my abilities and options, and that my case must be handled and completed on my behalf by the appropriate government's department (no one of you that I contacted many times never forwarded my case to that department, or created a team to deal with this type of anomaly).

It is obvious that the system does not work, as any work is measured only by the end result (unless the successful cover ups, conspiracy, endless delays and manipulations, negligence and damages are the primary purpose of the system).

It would appear that EAT tricked me with "appeal" application in order to further punish me for stating the truth and evidence about their work and British Airways manipulations. The Tribunal process is now in its third year, they already took £400 for application of extension of time, and I suspect that they intend to extract more of my life, health, time and money.

As I instructed them (and Police, local MP, your department, all other government departments, The Crown and Her Royal Majesty The Queen) please complete this case without any further involvement on my side (or very limited and very short involvements).

I can not and I must not continue to hold all this anger, fear, unhappiness, disappointment, lack of trust in the system institutions and The Monarch. I also must engage in productive and creative activities as my last four years have been an absolute disaster in all fields of life.

I can not (must not) ask anyone else for the help, and I can not move on without getting justice and compensation.

My eyes, my mind, my brain and my body can not take any more pressure and now I have to go into one of my meditative stages for at least three months (switch off from case issues, temporarily erase the current reality, and reset to some past or future happy event) .

Please study the attachments and other available correspondences properly and fully (which was not the case at any point in the last five years), and either complete the case on my behalf or prepare the clear and efficient set of actions for end of October / beginning of November when I should be able to assist in these matters for one or two weeks on part time basis.

As stated several times, and at the very beginning of Volume6 document, I think that Royal Family must see that document and attachments within this email.

Yours sincerely


Date: Saturday, 25 July 2015, 15:32


Subject: Re: 3303263/2013 and UKEATPA/0048/15/DA

Dear Ms Armstrong, dear EAT

First of all, I confirm that I want my appeal.

Please find attached the integrated document which accurately represent the full correspondence since the June 2014 Judgement (I call it Volume 6 as for Main Hearing we had 5 Volumes (only first 2 were used), Volume 5 being full correspondence for period from ET1 to the June 2014 Judgement). I am still expecting transcripts from the Main Hearing.

ET1 extension Clarification, my Personal Statement and my Closing Submissions (to mention only few main documents) have been sent to you in January, and these are not part of this Volume (will be included in Volume 5 in few months time if the full version is not provided by ET). Please read at least these, but the full Volume 5 is really needed for establishing the full truth and proper compensation.

Once you finish the investigation (whatever you want to call it, Stage 2 or Stage 3 grievance/complaint to Watford Employment Tribunal, EAT Appeal or any other applicable name/procedure) please take the deposit from the Respondents, cover your mandatory and other fees and expenses and conclude the case in my absence, or send me first installment of £50,000 of the full settlement and subsequently inform me of the date of new hearing, where I hopefully can get involved on part time bases, to assist whoever is fighting this case for me.

It is the responsibility of The Tribunal Services, The State, The Crown and The Royal Family to organize everything, and find the experienced lawyer to represent me in any further issues relating to this case and the compensation.

I really, really can not do it, and I hope that the GP letter from today (25 July 2015) confirms that statement.

I am very ill last four years, by far in the worst state since mid nineties and 2007. With extremely slight exaggeration my life and health depends on getting VULA, as highlighted in many written correspondences during CTS and during the Tribunal process. The fact that I could not use free airline business class tickets on 3 out of 4 occasions in the last four years also proves that.

Four years VULA and preferable minimum of 6 months work placement within BA IT department after the VULA remain the mandatory requirements of the settlement, as well as reconsideration of British Airways Ill Health Retirement Pension. It is very reasonable as 12 months (18) in CTS were a complete waste of time for me, making me more ill, further destroying my skills, knowledge and confidence, which were affected since early 2010 (audio evidence can undoubtedly prove BA negligence, it has been handed but not admitted at Main Hearing).

The recent decision of DWP to place me in ESA Support Group (after the recent health assessment) further proves the validity of my statements and existing medical reports from the past 21 years. I can not work, my recovery can only start after I win deserved compensation (or if I ever recover without that it will take years of additional suffering).

To summarize all this once again, I cannot accept The Orders and Judgement from 30 June 2015 and 17 June 2014, I want you to continue with my appeal (or whatever is the most appropriate course of action available).

I believe that I have sufficiently proved and documented the fact that I made all possible attempts to dispute the Judgement from June 2014, and that I could not do it better.

I have already explained why the 30 June 2015 Orders are unacceptable, and I have sufficiently documented and explained what was wrong with my case, and the process before, during and after the June 2014 Judgement.

All the reasons are more than exceptional, all the delays and my own mistakes are more than logical and justified.

Attachments with this email are Volume 6; Ophthalmology statement; DWP statement; GP statement. Sincerely yours,


Date: Wednesday, 8 July 2015

To: Secretary of State

Dear Sirs

Please find a document about severe anomalies and abuse that I experienced from Tribunal Services in the last two years, which forces me to stop any communication with them and to ask you and The Crown for the help.

Yours sincerely,

Re.: Tribunal Service case: 3303263/2013 and UKEATPA/0048/15/DA

Dear Secretary of State,

I wrote to you on several occasions (and previously to many other Government Departments, Police, Prime Ministers, Parliament, local MP-s etc.).

You responded on 23 June 2015 (email from Mr James Rea). I have been insulted and manipulated again by the Tribunal Services and further actions are needed, from you or from The Crown.

I will not be providing details of all anomalies in my case against British Airways Plc as these are very well documented. There is also countless evidence of errors by Tribunal Services. You can easily obtain all the evidence, which explains all anomalies in the great detail, using facts, evidence and real documents.

What I ask you to do is to investigate all these anomalies and failures of the British Justice and Law procedures.

These do not work, and in their current state these laws and procedures are allowing endless abuse of victims and miscarriage of justice, without providing any help and meaningful options to victims.

These are not my opinion or assumptions, these are undisputable facts and reality, as you will find upon completing the full, professional and unbiased investigation.

As a result of extreme abuse and injustice I am unable to both properly represent myself and to obtain any help. I made hundreds of attempts to obtain help, it simply does not work. The people I asked are either not qualified; or they find it too complex; or they do not want to get involved with anything about Government’s mistakes; or they declare that it is not their job but fail to provide information about possible steps; or they simply ignore me and not respond. One way or another, I could not get any help and assistance.

Local MP (his office perhaps) refused to allow me a meeting with local MP.

Police and DWP refused to investigate and push for psychological Expert Report which would prevent many manipulations that have happened as a result.

British Airways Plc broke all Employment, Harassment and Disability laws, and did not provide any help during my illness that they triggered.

Watford Employment Tribunal ignored all the evidence, all my calls for help and assistance (I was ill and off sick during the period leading to Main Hearing and over a year after that), ignored Orders about Expert Report, removed 99% of relevant issues from the Bundles and Hearing, allowed severe abuse by Respondent’s representatives, forced a documentation and schedule that is hugely irrelevant for my claims, failed to protect my fragile health despite numerous doctor’s reports and my official warnings, forced me to attend Main Hearing while in acute phase of 22 years long illness, failed to acknowledge my illness and disability before and during the process, failed to make any reasonable adjustments, failed to stop the hearing when it was obvious that I have completely lost the ability to represent myself, to stay focused (last three days of hearing I was almost completely blank except for occasional outbursts of anger and tears, first two days I was more crying than presenting facts (which most often I was not allowed to present, and I did not know where the evidence was).

Despite all that, Respondent failed to defend any of discussed issues, and by default failed to defend all the claims and issues that they opted not to discuss. All the witness verbal and written statements indicated that they lost the case. The Judgement came as a shock and additionally traumatised me, but in rare days when I could compose myself to write I always complained about all these anomalies, resulting in about fifty communications.

My application for second stage reconsideration and internal review of Hearing and Reconsideration Judgements was handled by the same Judge despite stating that the investigation is against him, which also was supported by requests to the Police to investigate him for bribe, conspiracy, fraud, cover up, personal injury and many other things.

My complaint about the above issue ended up with response that it is a law and practice of Tribunal Services that the second stage of Reconsideration Process is always done by the same Judge that led the original Hearing and the first Reconsideration process.

My complaints to Ombudsman resulted in confirmation of the above statement.

Why do we have appeals, internal controls and reviews, Ombudsman and other departments if the investigation of complaints is handled by the people we complain about?

I have stated in all my communications that the whole Tribunal process after the first Preliminary Hearing was a farce and a fraud, but all my letters to the Tribunal Services and Government’s departments have been ignored (telling me to seek legal assistance for which I informed you that it does not work and that it is no longer an option for me, plus that there is no one to do it on my behalf is same as not answering at all).

I never received instructions how to appeal, and when I made the appeal the best I could and within the time it was ignored for some six to eleven months.

Now they refused my appeal as it is allegedly out of time (which is not true, as explained in two previous letters to EAT). Even worse, they again failed to establish my health condition and if I really was capable of doing things better, therefore based their Orders on nothing but their own assumptions. On top of penalising me for their mistakes with mishandled documentation and expert report, they further state four EAT cases that are all before Equality Act 2010 which changed the rules of who proves what. I am shocked with the whole process and experience where the facts, evidence, logic and investigation are replaced by the opinions and false assumptions.

I still believe that I have won the case at the Main Hearing, and I definitively did not have a fair process, and none of my complaints and appeals was handled professionally and fair.

I do not know what options do you have as a Secretary of State, but I expect that there must be a way to investigate these severe anomalies, and deliver a just Judgement. It is not only about my case, it is about your departments that are not working (or at least that completely failed in my case). I am only concerned with my case, I am not insisting on change of law and prosecution or these that failed me and our legal and justice system, but I am expecting some action on your end that will restore the law and justice, improve or modify procedures to prevent future abuse, and award me my compensation.

I now really MUST stop with any communications, as it really damages very seriously my fragile health. Pursuing issues are now damaging my health as much as it was the case in the past when I tried not to pursue anything. My health is now far too damaged for any option, and if the justice and compensation are not delivered I must leave UK for many months (or even years) in order to recover. Slight problem with that is that I cannot work, don’t have any income, British Airways manipulated their way out of my Ill Health Retirement Pension (was a part of my claims), and DWP decided to stop my income based ESA. With dysfunctional family (UK issues played major role in breakup of my family), without money, without health and ability to work, my choices are very limited.

This outcome was extremely likely based on things that have happened to me and my family in the past 24 years. The health was the only reason for writing all these letters in the past 22 years, trying to sue the Government and Tony Blair in 2004, going to European Court of Human Rights in 2007, but never anything was done to help us. All these things are the reason that I wrote to British Airways so many times during my employment that this situation must be avoided. They deliberately destroyed my life, and their robbery of my £43000 is the smallest issue. Recovering from all other damages is much more important. That is where I need all possible help from you and The Crown.

All the evidences that I submitted since October 1992 were and still are the part of one single case.

Each time I insisted that all correspondence must be kept until the case is closed. British Airways, Respondent, Respondent’s representatives and Tribunal Services forged (edited, changed, excluded, manipulated) official and legal correspondence on many occasions, and always failed to include and maintain full correspondence and evidence, in each step of the process.

Sincerely yours,


(Attached letter to EAT and Respondent)

06 July 2015 - Response to 30 June 2015 Employment Appeal Tribunal Orders

Re.: Orders in case UKEATPA/0048/15/DA

Dear Sir or Madam

1. If I do not send you any additional letter within next two weeks this is my final communication with Tribunal Services, Respondents and their Representatives.

2. All my applications and charges are still valid and active, and there will be additional charge of one million pounds for each missing correspondence page and each requested (but ignored) information (since you received my ET1).

3. This letter is also an invoice for wasted days (damages not included yet).

4. I will now respond to Secretary of State and from now on I will be dealing only with the Secretary of State and The Crown.

5. Thank you for the Orders that you sent to me on 30 June 2015, which are very unprofessional and not based on facts and evidence at all, therefore they additionally prove all my claims about conspiracy and robbery by Tribunal Services.

6. You once again failed to be correct and to apply reasonable adjustment for disabled person, and issued Orders before I even had a chance to discuss my options, consult solicitors and respond properly. Very primitive but that is the smallest issue here.

7. When I received Judgement in June 2014 I did not receive any instructions about further options, therefore I submitted my Appeal Applications the best I could with recorded delivery on 30 June 2014, within two weeks of the Judgement, as per “a)” of my 20th of June 2015 response.

8. Despite numerous letters and calls to Tribunal Services and even asking Police several times (and further escalating) to investigate conspiracy, nobody from Tribunal Services informed me verbally or in written that my Appeal Application in that form is unacceptable.

9. My application for Extension of Time from January 2015 happened after above mentioned many calls and letters, and because I was instructed to do so, and in that way.

10. After that step I was provided with necessary forms and instructions, which I eventually filled and submitted after several verbal and written complaints stating my inability to deal with forms and applications.

11. My inability to deal with forms and applications is well known since February 2009, and it is well known that I never ever was able to deal with them since submitting over 450 documents and several thousand pages to European Court of Human Rights in 2007.

12. My case before ECHR was because of HEALTH DAMAGES AND ISSUES, not politically motivated and not about any other crimes, but crimes against health and quality of “life” with all these illnesses and discomforts.

13. I was robbed in that process as they ignored 99% of vital evidence, and focused on least relevant issue.

14. All details about that episode and all reasons were with British Airways and British Airways Health Services since 2007, and resubmitted in May 2011, as it could have been established from the evidence that Representatives tried to hide in Volume 4 which Judge Ryan confirmed that panel ignored as it was branded by Respondent as irrelevant documentation.

15. Respondent, Representatives and Tribunal Services knew exactly what are the triggers of my “mental coma”, and they continued using that knowledge against me, doing exactly same as Respondent did for years during the employment.

16. The person who suffered stroke because of Government ignorance and negligence, than suffered years of panic attacks (felt like centuries), with no life whatsoever except work (once I was allowed to work, was forbidden to work over three years, leading to stroke and panic attacks), was abused over and over again, always with manipulations, delays and denied actions, appeals, grievance etc.

17. What do you Tribunal Services expect to be a normal reaction of a person who was extremely abused for 24 years, being a cripple and with daughter who is also disabled for some twenty years now?

18. It has been established in Main Hearing that British Airways manipulated all my appeals during employment (even that audio evidence was not accepted), and also that they did not allow me to represent myself in Appeal against Termination of contract (and I was not represented by anyone in that process that lasted about two minutes based on bundle evidence).

19. During nineties, when my illness was unbearable, I also was denied to explain my case, my education, skills, knowledge etc. 24 years of manipulations and delays, lies and robberies, conspiracy and cover ups.

20. Is it really a surprise that I could not react better after all these monstrous damages?

21. Dear Tribunal Services, you really have to read everything I wrote if you want to be objective, professional and fair. So far, all of you were just repeating infantile explanations and assumptions offered by Respondent and their Representatives.

22. Apart from the evidence and facts, you are also ignoring the fact that I am extremely skilled, educated, knowledgeable and intelligent person, who cannot process all of this injustice and primitivism. And I am a human after all, 24 years of pain and fear is far too much, and it already was far too much in 2006 when my 1994 illness started returning.

23. Numbers of letters were written with warnings that BA must not bring back these horrors of nineties and of 2006/2007. We looked at these letters at the hearing.

24. It was established at hearing that BA mishandled my health and that it was conspiracy to change my disability status in order to enable wrong assumptions and actions (they tried to hide that evidence, as well ECHR evidence!)

25. Psychological Expert Report was part of Judge Orders with a reason.

26. There have never been Orders that removed the need for such report.

27. Without Expert Report Main Hearing was illegal and meaningless, as 99% of my claim is health related. It was evident from hearings that I could maintain focus only for limited time, switching off as soon as proved something, and last three days of hearing being almost completely numb.

28. Until the full expert report provides professional explanation for my condition, the closest we can describe my condition is the state of complete shock and mental coma, as previously stated. Equally as it would be impossible for someone in physical coma to engage in any proper activity and communication it was the case with my mental health condition, ever since 14 February 2013.

29. I was convinced that I won the case, as Respondent failed to defend any of my claims and accusations. The Judgement invoked huge shock and trauma, only months after period of severe panic attacks resulting in giving up the City job, and attending Main Hearing in acute stage of my illness, while being signed off and needed a total rest and zero stress and anxiety.

30. Burden of proof was on Respondent’s side, as per changes of Equality Act 2010, and as per Judge Orders. Instead of defending my claims they forced their schedule that was irrelevant for the case.

31. I was not even sure if I should appeal or ask for repeat hearing, or for award of win based on presented evidence and complete lack of any defence (just endless manipulations without a single answer).

32. As a result I started everything in parallel: Appeal; Reconsideration of Judgement; Demand for Internal Investigation of Judge Ryan’s crimes; Police and other government correspondences, number of attempts to meet face to face with my local MP (never allowed).

33. All this has been communicated in my previous communications, and my Reconsideration letter and my closing statement are very specific about what I can and what I cannot.

34. Judge Ryan, Counsellor Burger and Ms Griffiths stated that they know and understand PTSD and other severe mental issues. They lied.

35. As a result of their lies and manipulations your Orders brand cumulative suffering of many debilitating and life changing conditions and disorders over period of 24 years as “Common stress and anxiety”.

36. Stress disorders, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, triggered depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, stomach acid, mental blocks (mental and physical spasms and paralyses, coma alike inabilities to deal with issues), dizziness, wobbly and legs, paralysing fears, severe anger disorders, hopelessness, helplessness etc. are just symptoms of my illness. All of them plus many other mental, emotional, functional and physical difficulties on top of deformity caused by stroke, numerous breakdowns, PTSD-s and severe mental, psychological and psychiatric damages and injuries are my illness.

37. To summarise, to the best of my knowledge my Appeal was launched within second week after Judgements, therefore it was not late, the delay was only due to slow responses from Tribunal Services and failure to provide me forms, instructions and mandatory documentation for the application, which were provided only recently, and I submitted them immediately, therefore in few stages over the period of eleven months completed my application. All my reasons are exceptional and valid, and I did better than expected under the circumstances, which is due to basic survival instinct that would wake me up from “coma” to write another chasing letter.


Please find when was the first day you got involved in this case.

Even before I started working as a permanent employee with British Airways 14 years ago I was earning £300 per day. Now days that is a rate for experienced junior IT person.

If BA did not deliberately destroyed my skills and my health I would be capable of working and earning at least £350 per day (more likely £500).

Please calculate number of days between start date and settlement date and multiply it by £350. This invoice goes to BA, BAHS, seven BA resource managers from main hearing (excludes Mr Bird only), each BA Representative, Watford Employment Tribunal (excluding Judges from Preliminary Hearings and Mr Webb only), EAT (excluding Yatish Patel only), all contacted Police departments and local MP.

For example: I approached EAT first time on 30 June 2014; equals to 370 days since than times £350.

Charges related to case and health damages will be served to you by The Secretary of the State and the Crown, after their investigation of your crimes or negligence.

I will not appear in any further Appeals or Hearings, as that would be far too risky and damaging for my health and my children. Evidence shows that I have won the case, and I have insisted on help and legal assistance from the day one, therefore I leave to the State to deliver the Judgement and compensation in my absence, based on evidence, Volume 3, new damages and transcripts from Main Hearing which sufficiently prove that Responded failed to defend all my major claims.

Sincerely yours



20 June 2015,
To Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT)


I am not a lawyer and I am genuinely very unwell, therefore I believe that I will be excused for not following expected way and format of communication.

First of all, I reject everything stated in the 19th of June 2015 communication from the Respondent/Representatives, as completely unreasonable, unjustified and incorrect.

If I was expected to resubmit the evidence that I already submitted to EAT (and DWP, Police, Government departments etc.) I was not asked to do so, and I did not realise or assumed that I should have.

I have already suffered a stroke and number of mental breakdowns. Many recent breakdowns have been caused by Respondent, their representatives and Judge Ryan. I spent the best part of the last 12 months sending the evidence and analyses. In majority of my communications I would be ill for weeks before forcing myself to send another communication. After every communication I always was ill for weeks, followed by weeks or even months of my mind, focus, brain and eyes completely shutting down for any mental or computer activity, even for activities not directly triggering stress, fear and pain (mental and physical). Filling in any forms was absolute nightmare, always triggering anger attacks and most often inappropriate tone in my communications.

Among so many things, I stated in several communications with the Tribunal Services in the last 12 months (that includes many communications with EAT) the following:

1. I was absolutely unfit for the Tribunal process as my mental health severely worsened after health damages caused by British Airways on many occasions before the claim started. Main damages to my mental health were caused in April 2011, May 2012 and February 2013. On each occasion I was signed off sick. Off-sick notes were parts of the evidence in all three hearings. BA never offered counselling or similar help.

2. I was very ill ever since 15 February 2013, with another major health problem that started in January 2014 when my panic attacks became so severe that I had to leave the job with the bank in the City (managed just over two months).

3. I have provided all off sick notes since January 2014 to July 2015, eighteen months of continuous off sick period, without a single day break (please find them again after main part of this letter).

4. Three months ago I started receiving Income based ESA, before that I received 12 months of Contribution based ESA. DWP would not pay me ESA if I did not have off sick certificates, which I have included many times in communications with Tribunal Services, also a part of my applications with Tribunal Services since June 2014 (conveniently removed from the document that Representatives sent today to EAT, they did similar things many times during the process). These DWP letters are included after off sick notes.

5. Taking in account above facts, which are supported with hard evidence, I was very ill for months before the Main Hearing, during the Main Hearing, and ever since.

6. I was unable to cope with the process, and all the help was rejected, by the Tribunal Services, by the Union, by the Government. (I still have extreme difficulties to cope with all this, particularly with documentation)

7. I was forced by the Representatives to attend the Main Hearing, although I clearly stated that I am ill, and that I need help to present the case, to organise documentation, to search documentation etc.

8. Watford Employment Tribunal ignored all health warnings, off sick certificates and GP statements. Respondent/Representatives excluded or hide my evidence and refused to provide the index of my documentation and searchable pdf documents from five volumes (only 2 least relevant volumes were used during the Main Hearing). At that time I did not have the eyes report from the ophthalmologist (which is now included), but I warned the Respondent and Tribunal on several occasions that I have problems with eyes and that I do not see anything when stressed, and easily get very tired eyes even in conditions without stress. The eyes damages did not exist before April 2011 abuse, but have been a significant problem ever since (British Airways Health Services recommended that I change glasses!!??)

9. After the application for Reconsideration I demanded on several occasions an independent review of the case, one that excludes Judge Ryan, as I asked Police to arrest him and members of the panel, as well as seven resource managers from BA and all representatives including Counsellor.

10. The independent internal review that should have excluded Judge Ryan was done by Judge Ryan himself.

11. I complained about that to all Tribunal Services, including Ombudsman, and was further insulted and injured by their responses.

12. I wrote about that to local MP, Lord Chancellor and many other people, asking many government provided services and various solicitors for help and assistance. It is very slow and painful process.

13. Being severely ill and disabled surely must be good and valid excuse. I was unable to do it any better or faster than I did, and I informed everyone about that fact, from the day one.

14. Respondent/Representatives also manipulated the process regarding the Psychological/Psychiatric Expert Report. It was clearly stated in their Application for second Preliminary Hearing (about my disability which they questioned even that GP letters confirmed it, also included here) that they will provide the Expert Report if the disability challenge fails. It failed. We know from Tribunal Services correspondence that such a file does not exist. Respondent manipulated the tribunal, or bribed the Judges and other officials (I am still insisting that Police must investigate it, also asked DWP and Lord Chancellor to investigate, and today few hours before their latest correspondence I involved Prime Minister, Attorney General and the Crown).

15. The abusers should not be rewarded for the abuse of the power and for manipulation with facts and evidence, therefore their refusal of my appeal should not be accepted on these grounds as well.

16. There are too many other anomalies, like refusal of Union representatives to give statements, and refusal of Respondent to provide backup of all emails (manipulation which proved very “useful” for them during hearing as instead of hard evidence it was my word against their word), as well as refusal to provide some vital information that would show without slightest doubt that it was the case of unfair and constructive dismissal, where I was targeted solely based on my health related conditions and performances.

17. My case is about unfair and constructive dismissal linked with health/disability discrimination. Nothing in the hearing was linked to my disability and how my disability made me unable to work and function at all. Although presented with the off sick certificate the Judge never even asked if I can cope. Even when I insisted that omitted GP evidence be included in evidence (although sent on several occasions before but removed by representatives), even that one clearly stated that I am very fragile and that I cannot cope with the process, they continued (last page of this letter).

18. As it can be seen from the evidence that I sent just before I was allowed to lodge my appeal, all the vital evidence regarding my health, discrimination, failing in duty of care, failing to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people etc. were removed (and again health related evidence was removed from the communication they sent to EAT on 19th of June 2015, and then they claimed that they do not have it)

19. In my opinion it would be cynical, hypocritical and unjust to allow Respondent and their Representatives to once again make a mockery of Employment Law and Harassment and Disability Acts.

20. My case is primarily about Health and Disability discrimination with prolonged subtle and masked harassment, which led to severe Personal Injury, serious health problems and ultimately loss of my job. The hearing has established that Respondent completely mishandled my health (they claimed that they did not know, they assumed other things, they never looked at my personal and health file, they never but once had a handover between nine resource managers that managed me, and in that one case when written handover happened the new manager did not have time to read it (the same one who ignored my disability during Selection Process for redundancy, the same one that would normally wait six months before giving recommendations for ratings, but in my case he delivered one after one month in his team, although he never was my work manager or team leader)(I genuinely was convinced that I won the case, I am still in state of shock following the Judgement and other received responses after that).

21. There are also several official complaints and several applications regarding health damages that Representatives were causing, but even after formal complaints they were allowed to exclude my evidence from the bundle; to refuse to provide index for my included evidence; to refuse to send me Bundle Volumes in electronic format; to force their schedule over my schedule that was used in Preliminary hearing (and their schedule completely excluded health related issues); to threaten me with penalties and charges if I do not attend the Main hearing despite my extremely poor health at that time, despite my off sick certificates for that period and having a GP letter which explicitly stated the danger of the process to my health.

22. As I stated many times, without Psychological/Psychiatric Expert Report the Main Hearing should have not happened at all, as that basically excluded 99% of my case, and once it was allowed to happen that should have implied that I won my case, as Respondent opted not to challenge my reasons for loss of job, particularly with knowledge that Respondent failed in second Preliminary Hearing to challenge my disability and to exclude Disability Discrimination and Personal Injury from the case.

23. Everything else that relates to my health is in correspondence that I already sent to Tribunal Services before, during and after the Main Hearing. I am happy to send anything you need, but please be specific as I am really ill that much that I cannot organise my documentation at all ever since the hearing (before that I managed to some degree, each injury significantly reduced my abilities, particularly with documentation, so that I cannot handle even the household bills, was avoiding documentation and confrontation since 2007).

On account of representation, I demanded help which was denied, and I could not represent myself in the condition and state I was (neither I can now, I did not manage a single productive thing (except writing these communications) in the space of the last 12 months, and hardly left the house more than few times. I never in my life was so detached from the life and people, relationships with two older children completely collapsed; youngest one did not talk with any of us for months etc.).

On account of late appeal, apart from the health reasons (very severe mental health damages are serious reasons in my opinion, nevertheless I definitively could not do it any better):

a) I submitted my Appeal request timely, days after I received the Judgement, on 30 June 2014, although not in the required format, but I insisted in that Recorded Delivery in bold letters that it is my official Appeal Application, and that I needed help if any forms and procedures were required.

b) That application was with Tribunal Services, and in subsequent correspondences I always tried to the best of my (limited) abilities explain the illness, disability, my limitations, reasons etc.

c) Also, as we all know, I only received the response and requested documents few weeks ago, when I immediately forwarded the mandatory documents to EAT.

d) I did absolutely everything that I could, without any unjustified and unreasonable delays. Even with lodgement fee, I made a payment immediately, rather than making an application for reduction of payment (my only income is Income based ESA and my savings are almost non-existent).

e) If I am required to send additional evidence, even sending again what I already sent, it has to be in July, unless the Union Line Solicitors step in and forward some of evidence that I recently sent to them.

I do apologise for that short delay, but I will be in Convalescent Home from 23rd of June to 01st of July, and it is essential that I have a rest during the period that I am sent to have a rest. The last 2-3 years have been extremely traumatic, and after 2007 illness I would be severely damaged even by tiny fragment of everything that hit me.

I did not leave my house on my own anywhere further than few miles from home in the last 18 months (except first day of hearing when I suffered massive panic attacks on a way to Watford).

I had recently panic attacks (could not even use my last free airplane ticket in the business class, did not use 3 of the last 4 free bookable concessions, and one that I used resulted in panicking return), this trip to convalescent place is over four hours, I already have mild panic attacks, therefore I must not put any more strain to my brain and mind, and I will not be able to communicate about anything upsetting until July, when I am back to “safety” of my home.

From the very same reasons, I am sending this communication today, as to allow myself few days rest before very challenging trip on Tuesday morning.

It is not complete, it is not the best, but it is the best I can do now, and there is not enough time to discuss anything with Union Line Solicitors before July.

I will copy this to Union Line Solicitors who are already assessing hundreds of pages of documentation related to this employment issue and this appeal.

To summarise in one sentence, all my reasons are genuine and justified, I did my absolute best, I could not do it any better, the reasons stated by the Representatives are very weak, often inaccurate and in my opinion unreasonable, therefore I believe that the Appeal process should go ahead.


Until I resume with communication in July, I would like to make a formal application for the complete documentation in searchable pdf format (text pages, not pictures of text), all five volumes, Volume 5 being a full uncensored correspondence, plus transcripts/Panel notes from the Main hearing.

Justification for that is that I need it on a health grounds now as much as I needed them before Main Hearing (due to disability and illness, even more now when I am aware of chronic damages to my eyes), but also to save the considerable amount of time and expenses as we already have written and verbal statements from all witnesses, therefore there is no need to call them again.

In support to the above application I will forward the original email from Watford Tribunal Services (already with EAT) where it can be seen that the “full” correspondence on Tribunal file is missing pages 64-130 plus many more.

That email will be sent straight after this one.

Sincerely yours,

In addition to the main communication above, please find below the following evidence:

My off sick certificates;

P60U about 12 months of ESA in the tax period 2014/2015;

Letter from DWP about Income Based ESA;

Ophthalmologist report about permanent/chronic disease of my eye glands;

Disability related letter from GP

My official disability report (one that was used in disability related Preliminary hearing, but was excluded from all communications and correspondence documentation on every occasion, including the latest email communication from Representatives) (attached separately, the same document is also part of much bigger Reconsideration document, I am happy to send that one as well if needed, as it has some of the key documents that are excluded from the “official complete correspondence bundle” )

I am confident that I have appropriate evidence for any already discussed or outstanding issue, but I struggle with focus and organisation. If allowed enough time, and asking for particular evidence I should be able to cope with it and to provide it. There is possibility that Union Line Solicitors will assist me in my future steps, but due to explained reasons I had to act on my own on this occasion.


Saturday, 20 June 2015, 15:35
To Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT)

Dear Sirs

In my previous email that I sent few minutes ago I stated that I will be forwarding this email. This is to support my application for the full correspondence and notes/transcripts from the Main Hearing.

Document corrspbundle.pdf that came from Watford Tribunal as full correspondence is missing many pages (64 – 130 plus many more).

Kind regards,

(forwarded email is right below)

Thursday, 4 June 2015, 10:27

Dear Mr Webb,

Regarding your email and attachments from 19 May 2015:

In my case of unfair/constructive dismissal resulting from my health/illness/disability discrimination have happened enormous anomalies (in my opinion conspiracy, cover up, robbery).

First of all, it was 100% about my health and disability, my inability to think, focus, work, look for jobs, apply for jobs, deal with Respondent's caused stress and anxiety disorders.

None of these issues were discussed, and everything relevant to health and disability is missing from what you sent me as a full correspondence (pages 64 – 130 and much more).

More importantly, you confirmed that there is no psychiatric/psychological expert report on the file.

That implies that the Employment Panel and Representatives lied to me when they stated that they fully understand my illness and disability.

Even more, in the most unconvincing way witnesses stated at the hearing that they all believed that my disability was of physical nature, but all the time it was of psychological/mental nature.

Just these few facts alone are showing that my case was not handled properly at all, and that the whole process was highly irregular (in fact without health evidence and report my case does not exist at all, what they tried to achieve in private dealings in December, and although they lost that Preliminary hearing they continued on assumptions that I am not ill and disabled)

The help I requested and the official applications that I made have been ignored (excluded from hearing and from "full" correspondence that you have on file).

Aside of expert report that was part of Orders, the burden of proof was on Respondent's side (Preliminary Judgement and Orders).

Majority of the most relevant events and issues were not discussed at all, for hardly relevant issues that were discussed Respondent failed to prove that they did not cause my health damages (which I repeat, were not even established, my claims and evidence simply rejected).

Among many statements that witnesses made during hearing are that handover of my file and condition never happened between many resource managers, and when it happened on one ccassion the new manager was too busy to read it, so he assumed wrongly about my disability.

Also, the hearing and the Main Judgement did not distinguish between "I was ill on several occasions" and "Respondent made me ill on several lengthy occasions".

There is much more that was irregular (forcing me to go thru hearing even that I was very ill, with severe anxieties and panic attacks, being signed off sick and telling them that I will not be able to cope; forcing the schedule that was focused on maximum 5% of essential and relevant issues and events; not including my documentation and evidence; forcing me to spend enormous number of days on sorting out where are my documents in Main bundle; deliberately hiding or excluding health relevant evidence; bringing significantly more witnesses and forcing me to discuss their ridiculous and irrelevant statements; making me agitated, scared, angry; causing my angry reactions etc.)

In all my communications to many people and departments I stated that the hearing was irregular, and everything after hearing as well (like Judge Ryan deciding if my second stage complaint against him was justified, that is ridiculous practice, therefore conspiracy).

With the evidence that you have on file it is now absolutely clear that I have won the case, their private deals to exclude 95% of relevant evidence and issues is their problem, they gambled and they lost.

The Judgement as it is does not relate to my case very much, not to significant and essential parts of my claim (they never touched issues about ill health retirement as well, although it was clear that I was very ill, signed off sick most of the recent years, unable to work (lost a job in the city few months before hearing due to return of my Respondent's triggered illness).


1) Please make sure that the full correspondence is really full correspondence, and keep all the evidence until the further notice (also send me a pdf copy of full correspondence, including letters after the hearing, this one as well)

2) Urgently take actions to invalidate the incorrect Judgement and award me appropriate compensations (it really is urgent, my condition in the last 18 months is very serious, already was very bad since April 2011 then progressed each year)

3) Written confirmation that in the absence of expert report all my health/illness/disability statements and claims are by default true and do not require any other evidence.

4) If anything else is needed, please allocate someone very skilled and professional to act on my behalf, until the case is closed and full compensation awarded

With above corrections to the case you actually do not require my further involvement in the case. The evidence is undoubtedly showing that I have won the case. Volume 3 of the bundle has all the necessary details for compensation, but I am willing to attend a half day hearing on that subject, if really necessary.

If the compensation comes before further damages to my mind, body, eyes, brain, health in general, my children etc. I will not take any further legal or compensation actions against anyone. I just want my life back. As stated in all documents and all hearings, they have destroyed me (without slightest exaggeration) and I need recovery to start right now (at least four years overdue, plus made everything much worse, also the damages to my eyes are caused in recent years, I hardly can read more than few hours per day, and that is in low stress conditions, otherwise eyes are not working, as it is known by BA and BAHS).

Sincerely yours

On Tuesday, 19 May 2015, WATFORDET wrote:

Dear Mr ____,

Further to your document request from Bury St Edmunds Judgment Registry dated 13 May 2015.

Your request has been forwarded to Watford ET and I attach the requested documents for your information.

I am unable to provide the requested Psychological Expert Report as I can find no trace of it at the moment in the bundles or case file nor any evidence that one actually exists.

Please provide, If you are able, further information regarding this document.

Kevin Webb

On behalf of Watford Employment Tribunal

Chapter 2 – Fourteen months ago, June 2014, right after receiving the Tribunal Judgement


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